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Law France considers setting its age of consent to 13Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet says 13 “is worth considering.”

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Spelling Bee, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/...siders-age-sexual-consent-be-set-13-years-old
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    Spelling Bee

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  2. Will the Wern relocate to France once he's released from the loony bin?
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  3. Have the nigs and arabs already become the majority of France's population?
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  4. Well.... yes, probably if you count the native converts as well
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  5. Can we finally just invade France now to instill sanity?
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  6. Sounds more to me like the judge has someone specific in mind.
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  7. Polanski has never been happier to live in France.
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  9. Well this will work well to protect children.

    Pedos will flock to France and rapefugees can now claim that the 13 year old girl they've just gang raped gave her consent.

    In a country that's become so culturally enriched why would you want laws that make it easier for children to be abused by backwards kebabs? How many children won't be believed in court if this goes through? How many children groomed by pedos will say, either out of fear or brainwashing, that they gave their consent? How exceptional can you be France?
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    Dysnomia You do not have DID

  10. Why though??? 13 is so young. 13-year-olds shouldn't be having sex at all.
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  11. You couldn't even invade the northern half of their shittiest colony so you'd lose pretty hard against the real thing.
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    Dynastia bad person
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  12. This makes it sound like there's more going on here. Does France at the national level not currently have sufficient laws about the age of consent? Has it been a subject left to provincial governments?

    Of course 13 is too young in general. Is there a chance this idiot meant that in relation to romeo-and-juliet situations?
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  13. It’s always the fucking French isn’t it.
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  14. legalize straight shota
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    NIGGO KILLA We wuz Mobla suits n shit

  15. Oui oui hon hon.

    But in seriousness, that could backfire tremendously, ranging from pornographic exploitation of minors to sexual assault increases.

    Just cause the pussy poppin as soon as it bleedin doesn't mean it's okay.
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    m0rnutz Maybe not a spy

  16. The article does make it sound like this would be the first time they'd have a minimum age of consent... so technically does this mean France is getting better?
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    As The Driven Snow

    As The Driven Snow Probably not

  17. Well, looks like France is well and truly fucked.
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    Vault Boy

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  18. So that's why Roman Polanski fled to France.
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    King n Yellow

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  19. well, there goes ever travelling to france if this gets passed. how's canada lookin'?
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    Pistachio My DADDY could become MY FATHER!

  20. Not much better.
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