Frank Grimes Will Return To The Simpsons After 20 Years (Treehouse of Horror Episode) -

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Few single-episode characters on The Simpsons are as memorable as Frank Grimes—or Grimey, as he liked to be called. Grimey was all of us. He represented the American Dream. He earned everything the hard way and never let it get him down. After being abandoned and blown up, he taught himself to hear and do science. Then, he received his correspondence school diploma in nuclear physics. But in the end, he failed to wear safety gloves and was electrocuted on the job.

But what can we learn from Grimey? Why should he live above one bowling alley and below another while Homer—who, let's be honest, hasn't really worked a day in his life—gets the beautiful wife, the son with a factory, and the lobster for dinner? Why should Grimey have a tragic ending, while Homer survives for at least 20 more years and at least 19 more seasons? Certainly, Grimey isn't wrong when he calls Homer lazy and stupid. But is he kind of an asshole?


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Isn't there a thread about the rotted remains of the Simpsons already?