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This exceptional individual has is theorized in some circles to have been behind many other accounts. But I'm only going to go with the one that can be confirmed. was the original, and he has been suspended for encouraging the leaking of dox on one of the subreddits that he modded:

Allegedly he posts now as /u/StatisticalError on reddit, having returned after a threatened departure to Reddit's lesser known competitor, Voat. Along with others like /u/NeverHolly. The theory arose out of the account's similarity in speech patterns and the fact that they post in and mod all the same subs: Wertham In Action, Mozilla In Action, Social Media Sluts, name it and they're connected to Frank's subs.

But now into the good stuff.

Our friend has declared racism to have been "made up by marxists":

Unless it's racism against white people, then it's real:

He worries about some obscure kink that SJWs are allegedly promoting:

Virtual Spaces like 4chan boards can be gentrified:

Just like the other altrighters found within the confines of the Therapy Center, he likes to say "cuck" and "cultural marxism"

On Voat, he shows us that he really, actually does hate women:

And uses outdated 'research' on race and intelligence:

For proof on his mirror SJW status, just look at his collection of buzzwords:

And here he's worried about the potential SJW Kinkshame brigade:

The Slippery Slope Fallacy has been spotted (bonus for seeing what else is wrong):

But what would a cow be without spazzing out when criticized?
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