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Fred Fuchs / Freddy BoyDSP-log who ended up surpassing Phil as a lolcow. The sok proved phil right. Fuched on Kiwi.

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by JoRo, Sep 5, 2017.

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no one can help you

  1. IMG_2995.PNG Updates:

    The SoK is dead

    Members who still haven't spoken out
    Fred (hiding playing destiny 2 alone)
    Fizz (shit twitlonger and deleting his account like a dumbass and his girlfriend protected hers after insulting everyone)
    Evilaj (no apologies, just said to leave if you don't like his actions)
    Nomad (playing dumb)
    Leoking (doesn't care)

    @SirJamesDTech decided to write out the timeline of events, so enjoy...

    The Evolution of the Leaks:

    The Fred Fuchs/Sons of Kojima leaks phenomenon began innocuously in late July 2017. TXT was now a Twitch streaming affiliate was deciding on which emotes to use. A few were tossed back and forth until he decided on the infamous Phil face emote which would ultimately lead to what is happening today. TXT knew it would rock the boat a little bit since he still was an associate of the SoK and several members had a big problem with any sort of monetization, but it was never imagined what eventually occurred.

    King of Pol (FedoraManManMan on Kiwi Farms, also referred to as Bryan) tweeted out the suggestion that TXT was a hypocrite. Doctor of Fizz also predictably made a very similar sentiment. TXT was livid at this, and knew Fred was behind it as that group has a hive mind lead by essentially a cult leader. Keep in mind that TXT does not stream DSP-related content, and this emote was only contemplated. It never went live. This all happened on Friday July 28, 2017. TXT contacted SirJamesDTech who made the recommendation that he shouldn't respond rashly or immediately. Gather as much relevant ammunition against Pol as possible and nuke him. Fizz was never seen as anything other than a mush-brained little peon for Fred, so a simple tweet here and there in response from TXT and James was all that was required to shut him up.

    Bryan attempted to assemble a sort of conference discord with him and TXT and Fred moderating. This “impartial”moderation was not something he was interested in. Pol was not happy, thinking he was being spurned and said several more things which added to our motivation.

    TXT and SirJamesDTech made use of each day of that weekend. He had taken some screenshots of Bryan, while streaming Phil content, earning paid subscribers and paid cheers while also collecting free games from others. So James formulated the strategy immediately on Friday of a simultaneous attack on Pol coming that Monday at around noon for maximum exposure, with TXT taking the Twitter angle and James smashing Pol’s Kiwi Farms flank, where he was a regular member. All weekend James softened the ground on Kiwi with hits on Bryan, calling him a backstabber and proclaiming that he says shit then runs and cries to daddy Fred and other assaults while TXT remained silent. Actually, he was out of town that weekend so completely unable to adequately respond even if he wanted to. But TXT is a friend of James, and taking friendship to heart, he couldn’t just let him dangle without aid.

    Monday they were set and it was giddy anticipation all morning knowing Bryan was absolutely fucked come mid-day. When noon hit, TXT let loose with his mic drop Tweet while James buried Pol on Kiwi Farms. TXT then made his “I love you. Go fuck yourselves. Good night.” tweet where he left the community which he pinned on his profile for over a week.

    Immediately after this, while TXT laid low and James continually hammering Bryan and Fred on Kiwi Farms, TXT had been DM’d by a Twitter user named JoRo. He said that Fred had contacted him through DM at random and had this extended conversation about how TXT was a crybaby, e-begger, hypocrite and trying to frame the argument that each member of the SoK are free to think for themselves because Pascal and Fizz had attacked TXT. Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

    TXT and JoRo were pondering one big info dump, but James had in mind a different approach. A slow drip, released over a prolonged time period. This would allow Fred’s words to remain fresh in people’s minds and would make it appear as though he kept talking shit even after public opinion was turning against him. SirJamesDTech told JoRo to split each screenshot into multiple parts and that the plan would be to release them on Kiwi Farms one section per day. So again the ground was softened on Kiwi for the incoming assault on Fred and that Thursday August 3, 2017 JoRo created the user account Uhhhhhhh (a stupid name according to James) and posted the very first of the leaks.

    The forum was incensed. James’ strategy was to immediately post a response to each leak with shock and indignation, analytically calling out Fred increasingly after each leak but not yet demanding he leave the SoK. Word began to spread within the community not only to Twitter but to DarksydePhil’s tumbleweed forums, where a thread was created by some random user to talk about what was happening with Fred and the SoK.

    Fred’s response to this was to of course remain silent, since he knew that flapping his lips is what started all of this. He had done passive aggressive chicken shit such as retweeting EvilAJ comparing what TXT had contemplated with the Phil emote to starting a Patreon, even though Fred and the SoK had directly donated to Slowbeef monetizing DSP content.

    Bryan had been very quiet since the assault on him on Twitter and then Kiwi. One evening about 10 days after the barrage on him and the community began, Pol DM’d TXT and said he wanted to patch things up. So it was Bryan, Jim (Mister Metokur), and TXT in a discord. They were able to hash together a real truce, but then minutes later Fred tried joining in the call and TXT refused, saying there would be no such an accord between them. Fred flipped the fuck out, telling Pol that TXT and he could work things out but now he was left holding all the pieces. Jim had given Fred some sage advice during this, telling him that the SoK had become a-loggers (people who think they are morally superior in every way to the person they make fun of and wish harm or misfortune on the person) and that a lot of eyes were on what was happening on Kiwi Farms with the leaks. Jim recommended they branch out, follow and comment on other YouTubers, not exclusively DSP. Fred flippantly thumbed his nose at Jim, saying they will stay on Phil regardless.

    That night, TXT DM’d SirJamesDTech that Bryan wanted to talk. TXT assured him that he came in peace, and so Pol and James DM’d where he asked if he could send audio of hisgenuine story, that Fred had egged him on to fight with TXT about the monetization and also to separately physically go to Norway to put Vidar Viking into a coma and film it. That night, James edited it and put it through the encoding process but not all the screencaps made it into the video. It was up on hisYouTube channel for 5 hours overnight.

    The next morning, James told Bryan that there really wasn’t a lot of hard evidence included in the screenshots or what he was saying regarding being egged on by Fred, and that he was going to privatize the video. Pol messaged back that Fred had already seen it and told Bryan that he was disgusting and removed from all SoK servers. So the video was pulled down Pol was told to not panic. The key would be Kiwi. (Interesting that later leaks revealed Fred conspired to have TXT and Pol take each other out and disappear from the community).

    At this time, several days of leaks had been accumulated and they were having great effect at turning the community against the SoK. More users such as Supermariopawnstar were posting videos of Fred from recently and some time ago intimidating and blackmailing scared shitless kids who only looked up to him. James instructed JoRo to now release the leaks every other day so that they would last even longer.Additionally, JoRo was given the screenshots Bryan had sent James for the video and they were tactically released on Kiwi, including one where Fred admits that he knows we’re purposely putting the leaks out slowly.

    More and more people were joining the fight, with Unsungherobot bringing the fire and unleashing a torrent of leaks of tremendously incriminating conversations of Fred’s and several other SoK members. It was at this time that Bryan was advised the coast was clear to re-release his video since Fred was getting so pulverized that he couldn’t publicly retort. Best of all, a YouTube alt account named Doctor of Fizz was used for the upload (haha). Anything to constantly keep Fred paranoid and off balance. When this all began with TXT, the goal was not to take out Fred or destroy the SoK. But after what we had all seen in the leaks, it was time to cut the head off the snake.

    The thread really kicked into high gear as JoRo finished the initial leaks and announced himself as the one who had been posting them.@Unsungherobot , @Supermariopawnstar, Bryan aka @FedoraManManMan, @JoRo and @SirJamesDTech.

    This all lead to JoRo posting Fred’s very own lolcowthread, where he stands in infamy alongside DSP and Chris Chan. Since his thread began, even more people have become aware of the piece of shit Fred is and always has been. SoK members began removing their affiliation from their Twitter bio.

    On Wednesday September 6, 2017 Renegade Operative created a monumental video, calling out Fred Fuchs and others in the SoK inner circle called Responding to the Sons of Kojima Leaks & Conspiracies. This gave a lot of SoK members the strength to speak out.

    Thursday September 7, 2017 was Fred Fuchs’ Judgment Day. Che had a few days earlier come out strongly in severaltweets and a pastebin document, owning up to all the wrong deeds he had done in the past with the SoK while stating that everyone in the group was involved in the same things. He then released the video Che’s Response to Sons of Kojima Leakswhich inspired more members to stand strong while showing a huge amount of leaks he had in his possession. Kaz had been one of the members to change his Twitter @ away from an SoKrepresentation, and then came forward with a bomb, stating that when BeAwesomeOne levied copyright strikes against DSPGaming in 2015, the Sons of Kojima had authorized the plan in advance and had been lying about their involvement ever since.

    Finally, most members of the sok took part in a stream with loophole572 signaling the end of the sok:

    Quick recap (as quick as possible anyway) on all recent information, all things said have evidence behind them, big thanks to @neger psykolog for doing this while I attempt to edit this all together into a cohesive story.
    • Fred has been revealed to be very paranoid/controlling over other people, mainly seems to be targeted at people who have left SoK or spoken badly about them.
    • Fred/some members of SoK flip out if anyone monetizes videos about DSP
    • Fred/some members of SoK have been implicated in blackmail of people
    • Fred/some members of SoK have been implicated (or was aware) of fraudulent copyright strikes against DSP
    • Fred/some members of SoK have implicated (or was aware) of Doxxing of certain people
    • Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized disliking of videos that went against his views
    • Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized reporting/takedown of videos that went against his views
    • Fred/some members of SoK have (or was aware) of organized reporting of twitter accounts that went against his views
    • Generally speaking a lot of the SoK members have recorded voice conversations, captured Skype text chats and similar things leading to a large amount of controversial information being revealed. This is where a large amount of drama seems to be coming from.
    • Fred has been implicated in doxxing members and their associates because they tried to leave the group
    • There have been instances of death threats surrounding doxxing
    • Fred is accused of plotting to have TheyCallMeTXT & KingofPol fight each other to get rid of them both
    • There are claims that the group is finished, although there hasn't been anything officially stated so far
    • Some people have come on KF and given a bit of a picture of how the Discord/SoK chat server was run
      • It had several rooms, designed for vetting the "true and honest" nature of applicants
      • It had a room for the most "true and honest" members of the group
      • Fred was reportedly super insecure about people using any other rooms
    Reactions/apologies so far
    • Several members have distanced themselves from the group entirely
    • Fred issued an apology and the general attitude was that it was insufficient/insincere (link: https://t.co/xthOaFfVA4)
    • Mog/Moogle/MogFantasy issued an apology and it was generally well received (link: https://t.co/YUTD6IuEdm)
    • DSP issued a statement via his twitter (link: https://t.co/Kyo3b2TW7T)
      • He claims that Leanna's dad was swatted
      • He claims that besides the trolling someone actually physically sent him shit (i.e. feces) in the mail
      • He claims the reason for his breakup with Leanna was due to financial issues behind the scenes
      • He claims that he had to miss Leanna's brothers wedding due to the swatting incidences
      • He claims that SoK members tried to find the address/date of his wedding (according to some people on this thread, he at the very least gave out the date by himself)
      • He blames Fred/SoK for the downfall of his YouTube income and subsequently makes them responsible for his inability to repay his debts.
      • He says his life is already destroyed by debt and he is only looking to be positive and move forward
    Fred Fuchs
    Freds YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe06ANFvGB3R2-APoW3cHqg
    Sons of Kojima YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SonsOfKojima

    So who is Fred Fuchs?
    He is the leader of a group called the Sons of Kojima who are very dedicated to making fun of Darksydephil every single day on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. They mainly run the sokast (Over 300 hours) which covers everything "newsworthy" that Phil does in order to laugh at him. They also do let's endures of his content (over 175 hours worth) and do challenges such as having a member eat 10lbs of mashed potatoes. Yup. Fred also has his own channel where he will post his Phil content but isn't very active and most of his videos are just reposting a part of a video phil already did with little to no editing whatsoever.

    Now then, you would think a group like this wouldn't take themselves very seriously, but you would be wrong, they take it very seriously, especially Fred Fuchs himself.
    They must stay on top of the anti dsp "community" and they must be morally good doing it. This has led to a lot of drama, infighting, and cringe galore. So let's get into that...

    The sacred rule:
    Do not fucking monetize your Phil videos or Fred will dm you on twitter and send his members to call you out in front of the "community" in an attempt to intimidate or ruin any momentum you may have. Hell, you can even be content claimed and they will STILL call you out with no proof whatsoever. What's funny though is that Fred will claim it's not a rule despite none of the sok members monetizing any videos and he attempts to stay clean by sending dms instead of doing it in public since the one time he brought it up it backfired on him and got hate for it. He attacks channels like Ardnas, TheycallmeTXT, and Soma Julius Cruz But seems to ignore people with bigger followings like slowbeef, tevin, and reviewtechusa that monetize phil videos which makes him a hypocrite. That will be a theme throughout by the way.

    He can make fun of people but can't take it himself:
    Fred has a history of being a little bitch when he's criticized and made fun of. He got really mad over an encyclopedia dramatica page for fucks sake and even now he has started to ban people in his stream chat for being made fun. He has yet to admit any faults publicly and right now is just hoping that the negativity will go away just like Darksydephil, once again showing that he's a hypocrite.

    Shit leader/friend who throws people under the bus and talks shit about his own group: see below for now, title says it all really moving on...

    He is morally good and must be better than Phil at all costs:
    This one is amazing as you can tell he is full of shit, Fred likes to think that monetization is morally wrong and makes Phil right, he likes to act like he is proud of what he has done in this group but has yet to even show his face.

    Fred is simply a guy who takes his group way to seriously, the leaks below all came from a thread dedicated to laughing at DSP alogs and eventually we noticed that Fred is consistently the cause of a lot of the drama and problems the sok are continuing to have and it's hilarious because for someone to dedicate so much time to hating on a guy, he ended up becoming just like darksydephil.

    Fred's half assed apology statement on the leaks and me calling out the bullshit in it:

    Che (ex sok member) creating a video about the leaks and holy fucking shit is this one good:

    Renegade Operative (ex sok member) creating a video about the leaks and thread:

    Me debating with Fred over the txt drama where he was called out for a sub twitch emote, shows how he can't handle a debate when someone's prepared:
    IMG_2821.JPG IMG_2822.JPG IMG_2823.JPG IMG_2824.JPG IMG_2825.JPG IMG_2826.JPG IMG_2827.JPG

    Sirjamesdtech leaks:
    Video where King of Pol says that Fred pushed him into causing drama with TheycallmeTXT over monetization;

    Fred reacting to the earliest leaks, claims people in the Gsok group are scared:

    Unsungherorobot leaks and videos:
    Fred uses pitch shifters and acts like a girl in a Skype call to fuck with a guy named puk, weird:

    Fred messages a guy who unfollows him which leads into a passive aggressive argument:
    IMG_2829.JPG IMG_2830.JPG IMG_2831.JPG
    Sok members making fun of Fred:
    Beawesomeone convo with unsung trying to get unsung to admit he's a guy named kama:
    IMG_2833.JPG IMG_2834.JPG
    Sok being involved with the fan art strikes:
    IMG_2835.JPG IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2837.JPG

    Kingofpol leaks:
    Pol talking to Fred and HeavyMetalGamer about being egged on into the drama
    IMG_2840.PNG IMG_2841.PNG
    Former member Renegade bringing up his issues with Fred and the Sok, Pastebin is more cleaned up thoughts:
    Anonymous ex sok member who explains his departure and how Fred backstabbed him by throwing him under the bus, spying on him, talking shit, and conspired with some girl to ruin his reputation in the community (No real evidence so this story might be taken off the op and put as a separate post)
    Sok fan kicked out of the Gsok discord group by casetech out of paranoia to find a "mole":

    Supermariopawnstars leaks about:
    Fred furious over someone making an encyclopedia dramatica page:

    Fred responding to a twitlonger made by a guy called doper criticizing him, fans hated the segment so he deleted it and called it an experiment(what?):

    IMG_2887.JPG IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2889.PNG
    IMG_2890.JPG IMG_2891.PNG IMG_2892.JPG IMG_2893.PNG IMG_2894.JPG
    Kicking people for having a life:
    Reacting to criticism from Sam:
    Fred taking shit seriously:

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  2. I like where the whole rotten DSP tree is branching on the farms. Phil spawned half a dozen threads so far about the community surrounding him, including direct supporters and detractors.

    The thing is about Fred that he gained some "respect" and fame because he is better at debating than most of his opponents. JohnRoss himself back then refused to talk to him so Che had to do the job and he still got his ass handed, but Sammy Samosa, DasBoSchitt or Vidar all had little to no chance. Part of it comes from that Fred had Moogle as a personal butler who handed him timestamped exhibits and quotes.

    Fred also forces memes, "poorly made!", "give him the strap", "honey-dicked" etc. which became very annoying at some time.
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  3. Fred Fuchs seems to be an incredibly common username which makes this thread 100 times more confusing if you're like me and don't pay attention to the specific people bitching about DSP.
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    The Lawgiver

    The Lawgiver We all know what happens to alien spies.

  4. Not common on youtube at least. If you type in Fred Fuchs on youtube you get avgn joke and SoK stuff. Jon ross is also specifically an anti dsp guy. They spawn so many exceptional individuals.

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    #4 Supermariopawnstar, Sep 5, 2017
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  5. Shit, maybe DSP should have his own subforum by this point: "The kingdom of hate", "Gout-topolis", "Beg city" or something like that. IDK.
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  6. DSP spawns many anti dsp spergs. Fuchs had a metldown when he found out an ed page was going to be made and sent someone to spy and record the people who made it .

    Over an encyclopedia dramatica page

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    #6 Supermariopawnstar, Sep 5, 2017
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  7. Now that this guy has one, when is Tevin getting his? That guy supposedly mocks anything DSP does or touches (including Leanne) yet not only does he thirst hard for her but he mirrors his spergouts, bans people who criticize him even slightly and ewhores for money.

    That said, this OP is very well done. Bravo.
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  8. Good shit. Glad we have a dedicated thread out in the open for the King of Narcissism and coverups. Thank you @JoRo for the thread, @Unsungherobot and @Supermariopawnstar for the leaks (and plenty of others who I may not know/forget)
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  9. I don't have that much against FreddyBoy, but he seems that he doesn't know the difference between a good leader and a boss. A leader manages his people and makes sure everyone is in a position to get the best out of themselves, while a boss is just a dictator and creates a we-vs-them mentality.

    I feel bad for moogle tho, he seems like a sincerely nice person and doesn't deserve to be shittalked.

    Reaper main èh. Seems appropriate.
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    skiellie Indian tech support scammer


  10. Amazing. So what's next?
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    Bryan Dunn

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  11. It would be most beneficial for the current SoK thread to be temporarily locked while pages 9-current over there get combined into this thread.
    The reaction posts to the leaks are just as vital as the leaks themselves, and plus it would maintain continuity.
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  12. Did @yawning sneasel state he was combining it?
    Bryan Dunn

    Bryan Dunn KoP & Exceptional Detective @ 2209 E 3rd Ave, FL
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  13. Damn, you beat me to the punch. Good thread though, nice to see it finally up!
    Uploaded it in the other thread, but I feel it deserves to be here as well:


    (Feel free to use it in the OP if you want)
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  14. DSPhere.
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    hood LOLCOW

    hood LOLCOW Actually not steamed rice.
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  15. Hello everyone, later down the day I will posting somewhat of a leak. It's a secret conversation but it's nothing really that big but what I have is hilarious. I figured to start off the new thread I'll post it later today once I have time to get it up. All I will say that it's a blast of the past. Also I have a explanation for the things I have to show by a ex SoK member. Enjoy the thread.
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  16. I also might have some juicy leaks incoming. Will post asap
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    Bryan Dunn

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  17. We shall find out soon. I have optimism that somebody will combine them.
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  18. If anyone thinks Fred is unfairly judged or its a misunderstanding. Here is former main SoK member Che telling the truth about the group under his "leadership". This was after the leaks came out. Che left in 2016

    Che's twitter posts about the stuff the group did/does. Everyone did it according to him
    cheshit2 (1).jpg

    2.PNG 3.PNG 4.PNG 5.PNG 6.PNG 7.PNG
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  19. This is some quality panic mode. I can't believe fred is pretending this is all okay while having his members commit gestapo frisk downs on others. It's a type of autism u normally don't see
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    Bryan Dunn

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