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Orion Balls

Found the point!
Yea its bullshit I'd like my ability to say nice things again but wtv I'll be patient.
In the first place it didn't make any sense cause the last comments I left were very nice, but jannies will be jannies.
What crimes were you accused of? Confess!


cat lives matter
True & Honest Fan
@Arm Pit Cream

They did it to me too. Apparently, they cant handle free speech to people who dont worship they're dipshit retarded ideas.
Says the asshole who spouted I researched a shitposter on the internet. Unless your legit just schizposting, I can tell you what source you may be quoting, is the same source who bombarded pics of you and other women to my fucking inbox. I wouldn't seem like a stretch my ex would be sticking his dick in crazy twice. I find it odd you didn't even engage after I called you out on your bull shit.