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Figured that since you guys like free crap, I might as well mention whatever I see around the net that's being given away.

For now, there's...

EA's giving away C&C Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge on Origin. The game changes every month, so yeah.

Amnesia's being given away free on Steam for Wednesday the 16th of September. (One day only!)

And PC Gamer has started their free steam key giveaway again, first one being for Skyborn. But they do want you to like their stuff on Facebook, and your email address for their newsletter in return.


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Bumping because I found Bay12 maintains a googledoc of free games, although a lot of it is fairly out of date.

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Not a giveaway, but the free Shovel Knight expansion is live now.


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Here are two more keys for Arena. People I gave them to never claimed them as far as I know so first come first serve.



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Another giveaway I've noticed.

Humanity Asset, it's average but it has trading cards so you can make a bit of money off it.

Make sure the tab on the site is set to Indiegala Store, then scroll down until you see the email entry box for Humanity Asset.


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As you all know I'm a big fan of Blood Bowl, so figured I'd point out that isntead of shelling out $40 or your equivalent local currency, there is a java based free 2d client for Blood Bowl called FUMBBL. Looks like this, and is actually fairly functional, with all the team and league management stuff being web page based.

Has every team in the last released rulebok, including Slaan, as well as an entire new set of teams in a special Stunty Division that's basically a league filed with hilariously inept teams. (For instance, most teams only have 1 positional, which is usually 2 players, that can get general access skills on a normal roll). Also has every mercenary in the rule book, which is something the 3d retail games don't for budgetary reasons. Coaches can also set custom images for their team and players, which changes the logo shown on pitch and the profile pic shown when the player is selected.

The image is from a currently running tournament called the FUMBBL Cup where any coach can enter a team from the matchmaking divisions, and this year's has some 370 competitors in a straight knockout.

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Just gonna leave this here:
The Desolate Hope, a game from the maker of FNAF is available for free. Don't know if it's permanent or temporary but download it if you want a free platforming game with RPG styled boss fights. And just to let any know, don't worry, there isn't any autistic FNAF reference since this game was made before it.

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I have a Steam key for Fallout New Vegas I don't need. Whoever wants it, shoot me a PM.

edit: aaaand it's gone.
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Some games at Game Stop are 4 for $10 I already got a shit ton. Here's a list:

At that price, if they're crappy I can use them as coasters or sell them back.

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Some free iPhone games for those that like board games (It's one of the best ones on the store):
Ticket to Ride Pocket
Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket

Apparently Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket is getting removed from the store in a few days for some reason but if you download it you'll be able to re-download it later, it's possibly to do with them making a universal app for the game.

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