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Searched the thread and didn't see it mentioned but there are two subreddits for giving games away, r/random acts of gaming and r/gift of games. It's more effort than the usual giveaway fare, both subs have an annoying amount of rules but people give better stuff than the usual fare. I just got a copy of Pathologic 8)

"A Story About My Uncle" is a pretty awful and indie sounding title. Unless it was paired with the Phalanx box art, that would be a good game.


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So in a weird turn of events it looks like Valve is releasing the mostly completed, but not complete, Half-life 3. You need to get several achievements in different valve games and solve a simple ARG puzzle to get. Otherwise it won't appear in your store at all. It wasn't that difficult, I'm DLing right now.


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So in a weird turn of events it looks like Valve is releasing the mostly completed, but not complete, Half-life 3. You need to get several achievements in different valve games and solve a simple ARG puzzle to get. Otherwise it won't appear in your store at all. It wasn't that difficult, I'm DLing right now.

If I were Gaben I would release Half Life 3 for free but when you launch the game it only appear a long video of him laughting at you.


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construct 3 full edition is free to use until the 28th or 29th i forget which one

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assassins creed chronicles china is free till the 5th on uplay if anyone cares
It's nice that it's free but it's a sidescroller, so be forewarned if you were expecting classic Assassin's Creed.
Keeping in with the thread theme, if you don't own Vermintide 2 and want to try it out and live in the US, PM me for my steam username and I'll gift you a copy. Don't have keys for it. First come first serve, I have enough digibux for 2-3 copies
Important note: My offer ends in around 24-30 hours
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It's not free, but I bought the humble bundle for the first time this month just to play Vermintide 2, but I ended up trying the other game thrown in there, Cultist Simulator, and was pleasantly surprised. I dipped my toes in and ended up playing 4 hours and I can't quite articulate why; videos and screenshots of it make it look like complete ass and/or an unpolished alpha.

The elevator pitch I'd give it is "a character-driven solitaire card puzzle that tells a story," less M:tG Arena or Hearthstone, and more Darkest Dungeon. You start with this blank-ass board with two buttons on it, and a few cards representing health, attributes and money, and you slot them into the buttons and the cards sort of 'bake' into new things; the main 3 buttons you get in the first few minutes are Work, Dream, and Study, so putting your Reason card baking into Work for 60 seconds spits the Reason card back out, along with a second card representing an office job you can do to accumulate Money cards(money is taken every minute automatically so you have to establish income). If you Work with Health instead, you do menial labor that has a chance to also give you injury or sickness cards that are a hassle to discard. I found that Studying Health gave Vitality cards that would only stay on the board for 3 minutes, then disintegrate, Studying two Vitalities ended up giving me a Lesson in Vitality when merged with Health to give me a permanent skill of Fit Body, so I could do menial labor without risk of getting injury cards, and this could be upgraded further with 4 Vitality cards if you find a way to stall the disintegration timer on two of them by using them elsewhere. Very interesting progression system and crafting.

Anyways, there's lots of little random events that pop up, managing bad Dread cards, searching places and finding items that let you meet People cards that you turn into followers and establish a cult of some kind, and every card has flavor text popping up that tailored to tell a customized story about who you are and what you're going through. My guy started out losing his job, but had the skill to paint. My painting was shit but I broke even on income long enough to get absolutely ripped in fitness, and did bricklaying on the side for income while I studying art to be a better painter. Then I started having dreams about Lanterns and enlightenment, and easily charmed some perky chick with my hot bod and painting skills into being a groupie. We're a two person cult of some Order of the Golden Dawn, but really I'm just a zen monk with a go-fer who's investigating creepy places for me while I rake in the coin.

There's zero instructions or worthwhile tutorials, and part of the fun is just clicking/holding cards to see where they could go/what they can combine with, and exploring what possible things you can find and craft and progress with while managing timers and resources and it just scratches all the right itches in a really clever, subtle way. The music and graphics are nothing to brag about, but you can move the cards around in any ways that makes sense to you, and the buttons, so the layout is super-friendly to sort based on your preferences and thought patterns. Everything is just drag-and-drop, honestly not sure why this isn't on a tablet.

A good game if that all sounds fun for $4 as part of a bundle. England-ey, Lovecraftian Victorian setting, interesting mechanics and fun snippets of reading. Looking forward to banging out multiple endings and scenarios for achievements.

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