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Classic Rock
Mechwarrior Online, the ailing, but yet still interesting MOBA in the Battletech universe is having a Corona-chan gift. Free custom mech, premium time, and a mech bay. Amusingly the free mech is green and gold, the colors of House Liao, the China-in-space faction. I don't know if that's intentional or not on the part of the creators.
Promo Code: STAY_SAFE_2020

Xenomorphs Are Cute
World War Z currently free on Epic
So is Figment & Tormentor x Punisher




There's also a puzzle game free on Steam rn

Hitman's whole 1st season for steam was free too, but instead of making the game free for at least 2 days, they made it a limited 47k keys system. Now the whole site is 504 Error & the bots would've sweeped them away (If G2A gets a sale, we know from where & why)

Direct link to giveaway:

These sites don't have 504 errors, but if they do work for you, use the code "CELEBRATE47"

Shaved Kiwis

Memetic Polyalloy

Monument Valley 2 is free on Android atm. I played the first one and it was actually a pretty decent perspective puzzle game similar to Echochrome on the PSP.

100% Orange Juice is free on steam. Looks like some kinda weeb boardgame with online play. Fuck if I know.

A SHMUP by the same dev.

& A JRPG? I think.


Found another decent one. Lara Croft GO is free on android atm.
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