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It isn't exactly free, but, Sonic Generations it's 95% off on Steam for the next 12 hours

just got it for less than a dollar, so i can't complain
Highly suggest looking into mods for it. The sonic autists picked it apart pretty thoroughly and there's fixes for a lot of the jank plus a bunch of really dumb/funny character swaps.

Ex Cummunicated Sasser HD

Looks like they've extended that Sega deal to the 9th. Picked up Generations and All-Stars Racing Transformed for $6 total, and might get Sonic Adventure ($1.19).
Think all of the Sega stuff is until the 9th, was really pissed off myself on something else, a Warhammer franchise game that I didn't own, because one I was missing was £0.80, (90%) but went up to £3.99 this morning (50%) and I still hadn't worked out what I wanted and had only got my cart up to £27 at the time so thought all of them were til the 9th...

I'm just finishing collections on a lot of stuff, and it's great that I can buy the one missing game for 50% off or also get that and an extra 30% off if I buy the whole anthologies of a few games, because I'm only missing one, and they don't count the ones you own on some whole bundles. Example... Broken Sword 4, £2.49 on sale, but I own everything else, so complete Broken Sword package was only £1.74, because I owned 1,2,3 and 5.

Same with Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger: £1.39, not £4.39 if you buy the whole bundle if you own the other two...
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