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Can you explain in english what the blackpill is about
No one sane can.

It's one of the many idiotic split off ideals of alt right (not that I'm poo pooing alt right or that mindset) it's just people who took offense to the "red pill" -covered here and that wasn't enough they split off.

There may be a meme explaining it out there but black pill long story short is alt right and shameful I guess virgins.... more than other split pills.

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Can you explain in english what the blackpill is about
Basically: Not only is "The Blue Pill" or mainstream Egalitarian and/or Feminist principals is a sham and a delusion, but so is the Red Pill. TRP claims to be anti-Feminist, but they still 'put women on a pedestal' in their worldview, so they're also subsequently labelled "another type of Feminism" and thus, also a delusion.


do you see what happens
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Wait, I thought that we women were all supposed to hate and undermine each other constantly. Which one is it guys
And they wonder why they're omega virgins with this deep, comprehensive understanding of the female psyche. Why aren't the women just falling on their backs with their legs spread for these Romeos?

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