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Freelee is from Queensland, which has tropical rainforest, deadly snakes and spiders, and various tropical diseases that come with it. However I’m unsure if she’s from far North Queensland or just a Brisbane city girl. I would hazard a guess saying she has some idea of how it’s like to live in a tropical region, despite being white. Doesn’t stop it from being a stupid idea but at least she’s not spazzing out on the internet.
The problem is not being native to the region. There is a massive difference between the plants, insects, allergians, parasites and bacteria in South America and Australia. Then add to the fact she claims to be running around NAKED, with no common sense protective measures that make the region safe and habitable to non-natives.

My husband knew his way around nature and wasn’t an idiot but he had zero exposure to all these organisms growing up which is why he went through Hell his first two years hiking in North American forests. I was right along side him but had no problems because I had grown up exposed to all of this stuff in nature.

South America is far far worse in terms of needing natural resistance and exposure to common microorganisms, plants and insects. The idea of a white girl walking around naked in a South American rainforest is fucking absurd.

The natives of the region have had hundreds of generations of evolution, prenatal and natal exposure to survive like they do in the jungle wit little protection. You can’t just “live like the natives do” when you aren’t one.
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But at least she is trying to distance herself from what got her all that negative attention in the first place. For a cow that's major progress.
Freelee wasn't becoming a humble yogi or someshit, she just jumped on the minimalist trend, which overlaps into some of the raw vegan crowd. She even attempted to rebrand her "Go Fruit Yourself" slogan into a "G O F R E E Y O U R S E L F" brand for her channel. While it might be a legit decent lifestyle choice to own less stuff, there is also a "permanent vacation" version of that type of hippie. Not the kind of people who legitimately get by on very little through an almost ascetic lifestyle, but the kind that can afford a fancy condo with almost nothing in it. I recall her showing off her customized flat quite a bit.


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Apparently Freelee hates BLM.

I think this sort of redeems her.

I honestly did not expect this video from her.

She goes in about how this is manufactured by media because of the elections that happens every 4 years in America, how BLM is funded by George Soros.
She goes on how there is a small minority of ((people)) who profit out of all of the outrage and divide.

I think this is her best video yet.
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