FRIED CHICKEN WINGS MUKBANG 06/22/20 - No mention of it being prerecorded in the title or description.


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10/10 thumbnail

Also glad she's taking the cancer diagnosis seriously.
Skinny people eat fried chicken too, haydur!

I wonder how much delicious salt we'll get from this.

EDIT: lol this bitch talking about getting full off a side salad and why don't they have more vegetables :story:

EDIT 2: Nice sperging about drinking water and feeling full. We all know she only drinks water on camera, soda or smoothies or protein shakes the rest of the time.

Good job with the trolling thumbnail, but the video itself was boring as hell and the only thing I took away from it is she knows not to feed chicken bones to dogs.
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gay ass bitch
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I love how she claims a big pile of chicken is more pleaseeeen to look at vs three pieces of chicken, then proceeds to talk about how much leftovers she'll have from this big box of chicken. Gorl, you're not fooling anyone. We all know that as soon as you turned off the camera, you inhaled them all down your fat gullet.

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I think someone needs to make gifs of her gnawing at the chicken like an actual animal with her off centered beaver teeth.
I would myself if I wasn’t a tard.

The part where she’s widdling away at it while talking to Becky in the next room is chilling.

Edit: is it normal to eat the tiny bits of the chicken like she is? It looks like there’s no meat on it, is she just chewing on bone or?