FSF petition to open source Windows 7 -


Linux Mint is 100% free and open source. The core Linux kernel is robust enough to run on fucking SUPERCOMPUTERS FFS, not to mention 9 out of 10 servers on the entire fucking internet. Simply download and install Linux, bingo problem solved. If there are people who are autistic enough to want Windows to be free, they can share cracked versions on warez locker sites and leave normal people to Linux. Fuck, NTOSKRNL underlying code is what, 27 years old or so now, and hasn't really been updated much? NTOSKRNL is basically a mash of addon code that has been tacked on over the years because it would be literally impossible to code a new kernel. At least Linux has a real developer core. Don't be a fucking exceptional individual, just use Linux.
There is no helping these exceptional individuals my friend let them rot in the blue abyss

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This is the most exceptional thing I've ever heard, making Windows 7 open source would make it even easier to create malware for NT based Windows then it already is
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Yes, "Operating-system-as-a-service"-Microsoft will totally open source Windows 7 and create willingly and knowingly a serious competitor in the one market they really dominate, especially after they tried to get everyone onto Win10 to make that whole "OS with yearly subscription model" thing that'll 100% come in the coming years that much more unavoidable. What have these people been huffing.


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That reminds me due to a lot of effort you could use windows 2000 till this day.
There is this japanese autist that still makes updates http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1299806.html
Also this guide http://danika.jukor.net/win2000.html
I don't know how much of this is based on that leaked source code for 2000
Win 2K was a incredibly solid OS. 12 years and no hard crashes. Then I went to W7 in 2012, then a modified version of Win 10 (Team OS) in 2017. I still have Win 7 running as my one of my back ups and man I miss it.


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Apparently the kernel devs think that it's based on leaked code though due to symbol parity.

He's full of shit. This is a ploy to keep ReactOS devs reacting to MS complaints by constantly auditing their codebase and maybe redoing shit, instead of developing and getting closer to Windows. If he really thought that, a MS lawyer would sue them.

Besides that, he works for MS, why the fuck wouldn't he say that?
Apparently the kernel devs think that it's based on leaked code though due to symbol parity.

Smells like POOs are mad to me.
First off if that was the case microsoft would have already taken them down.
Also there are people that actively check the code both on reactos and on wine.