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While I'm doing my weekly serpenza binge, I'll go ahead and drop this here.

One china, except when it comes to giving spare change to the poor and disadvantaged, or doing anything to help anyone outside of yourself and maybe immediate family members, because they're all scammers so fuck them.

Comments are worth a read. Would paste them here, but it also pastes a bunch of other shit I don't feel like shifting through. It's basically alot of testimonies to how selfish and unaltruistic the average mainland chinaman is.


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The only good things to come out of China was Bruce Lee and the food...and even then he and all of Martial arts Cinema came from Hong Kong (which no matter what those red bastards say is not part of red China) and the food? Well considering it took us westernizing their food to make it actually edible I think you see my point

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When I was a kid, my image of China was of this beautiful, faraway place with pagodas and ladies in Qipao dresses and whatnot. I had no fucking clue.

Imagine the most terrifying blend of nigger and Jew. Greedy, dishonest, arrogant, insufferable, sociopathic, and quite content to half-ass everything. A chain-smoking, slant-eyed, money-grubbing little gremlin. Have that image fixed firmly in your mind?

You haven’t even come close to the true horror of the Chinese creature.

The chinese communist revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. The only legitimate government of China is the Republic of China and saying otherwise is insane. The fact that so many American companies will willingly sell out Americans to the communist party should make anyone’s blood boil. This virus should serve as a reminder why never to trust anything the CCP says.
I don’t know why people think unrestrained capitalism is so great. When left to their own devices, capitalists have:
  • Depressed wages to the point of putting working Americans into poverty.
  • Outsourced our jobs to developing countries with no labor rights or safety practices.
  • Established powerful monopolies.
  • Manipulated our politics to suit a neoliberal, commercialized, melting-pot society where culture is erased and replaced with empty consumerism.
  • Sold us increasingly disposable, shoddy plastic junk from China that smells like poison.
  • Censored alternative viewpoints through their control over social media and payment processors.
  • Helped the Chinese spread the poison of collectivist ideology around the globe.
The traitor arch-capitalists have been selling America piecemeal to China for years, giving our jobs to the lowest bidder, hollowing out our country and turning our cities into dens of opioid-abusing, impoverished rejects.

Silicon Valley is bending over backwards for the Chinks, and it makes me sick. People need to get it through these rich assholes’ heads; America is not for fucking sale.


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What part of Lend Lease was America stealing from Britain? It was a mutually-beneficial trade and technology deal that ensured the British Empire stayed in the war thanks to American materiel in exchange for technology and personnel (Manhattan Project, penicillin industry, proto-computing, engineering innovation, etc.) built on the solid cultural foundation both nations shared. Meanwhile China has managed to alienate every trade partner it's struck a deal with, surrounded by neighbours more than happy to cut ties as soon as they move beyond post-industrialisation, and share no cultural foundation with anybody aside from Mandarin enclaves in Western nations that continue to grow as the rich-poor divide in China widens and the poor increasingly look towards prosperity outside the Middle Kingdom.

Trying to imply Germany stole from Britain is as laughable as it is a grave insult to the industrial heritage of Germany post-unification. Like the Americans, Britain had strong ties to Germany (instead through royal bloodlines and immigration) but German industry grew from a deprivation of colonial resources that the German Empire lacked (ironically due to the Brits and French cockblocking them). How could German plagiarism explain the extraordinary recovery of the Weimar economy in the late 1920s? Answer: it doesn't, because the Germans would laugh in your face if you tried to imply to them that they always stole from Britain.
Sounds familiar, I wonder which other country is also working on alienating trade partners.

But @DeadManDying I'm curious can you elaborate on the point about LKY, how the leader of a 50 year old country had so much influence on Winnie who leads the worlds biggest existential threat to the US?


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Ah, the chinkese. The people who came up with the saying, "May you live in interesting times," only to dedicate their lives into defecating both in the human gene pool and human history. The only chinks I like are the Christian ones, but you have to be careful even around them.

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Made on germany was the original made in china .
LOL no. Germany has never been known as the land of cheap shit. Even in the Middle Ages the Germans were known for high quality manufacturing of weapons, armor, and various other products. Germany has been known as the land of expensive but top tier firearms pretty much ever since commercial firearms first became a thing. There's a reason the C96 Mauser was absolutely everywhere at the dawn of automatic weapons.

Then and now, Germany is known for making high quality stuff with a price tag to match. The exact opposite of China.




They're GRRREAT!!
I don't have the know how to investigate further, but seems BBC news is in China's pocket somehow. At the end of 20min of seemingly normal news, the anchors suddenly start gushing about some dumb lotus romance in China and spout off propaganda nonsense about Chinese being romantic. How is this news when they are literally genociding uighyurs?! :story:

This is frankly horrible reporting and destroys what little credibility I had left for the BBC.



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Ah, the chinkese. The people who came up with the saying, "May you live in interesting times," only to dedicate their lives into defecating both in the human gene pool and human history. The only chinks I like are the Christian ones, but you have to be careful even around them.
They didn't even invent that. Someone made it up in the 19th Century and claimed it was Chinese.