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We all know that the "Joker fanbase", which is typically home to edgy teenage boys, is some silly shit, what with the countless "badass joker life advice quotes" that the joker never said, and are always some reddit tier run-of-the-mill pseudophilosophy, but in the rare cases in which girls, typically of the ship-crazy tumblr variety, are fans of the joker, it's always because they ship batman and the joker together.
I recently got a notification on Pinterest (yes I unironically use the site sometimes), telling me that someone had added a picture I saved of the joker had been added to a Pinterest board, and...



Anyone else experience this phenomenon? (also on an unrelated note some girls who typically hate all incarnations of the joker make an exception for the joker from the lego batman movie, because he's in a kids movie and isn't allowed to do anything graphic, but especially because of "uwu who hurt my green gay baby bean")


Fujos and idiots in fandoms ship literally everything. This surprises me none. Honestly, go onto archive of our own and I'm sure you'll find enough smut to torture your eyeballs for at least an hour or two.
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This started with The Dark Knight op. I think the whole, tension in the cell scene as well as Joker not wanting to kill Batman created some wild fans. The comics then continued it in New 52, as Joker confesses his love to Batman. LEGO Joker is the ultimate pusher of the ship, hence why you see him the most, that movie parodied the Joker relationship and obsession with Batman to make it feel like a romance.

Honestly, the idea of Joker being gay for Batman has been so heavily implied and toyed with that this ship does not phase me. The Joker has a sick sense of love, but his relationship with Batman has always been stranger than the rest.

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I imagine these people are massive fans of The Killing Joke


Maybe it's just cause I've never been a huge fan of the Batman series so I'm missing something, but I never quite understood why people find the Joker appealing and ship him with anyone on the show, especially Batman. I can understand fangirling over Batman, since he's meant to be a handsome man who's smart, rich, strong, resourceful, etc., but the Joker was always portrayed as ugly and unclean. Even in the movies he's ugly. The Joker is meant to be the complete opposite of Batman in every way, including looks.

I can understand on a personality/chemistry level why this kind of "opposites attract" thing would seem appealing to people into shipping characters, but it doesn't change the fact that the Joker is ugly af. Looking at these fan art photos is kinda funny, Batman looks more or less the same, yet they have to draw the Joker as a completely different person in order to be attractive. In fact, if the Joker didn't have such an iconic outfit and makeup theme, you'd never know that these pictures involved the Joker at all. It would look like Batman was banging some random dude. Even the fans know he's ugly and don't want to see Batman making out with a gross uggo.


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There needs to be like a Fujoshi General thread to document the ongoing modern cringe. I was pretty shocked to stumble back into this shit a couple years ago. I thought it had died out years ago but peak crimge fujo yaoi shit is still alive and well in certain corners of the internet like SmackJeeves and other completely obscure comic hosting websites. See also: Yaoi High

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I wholeheartedly agree with OP. The only permissible pairing in the Batman universe is Harley fucking dogs. Everything else is 100% haram.


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Stranger still, I've seen a surprising amount of Mad Hatter x Scarecrow art, which is funny, because the whole point of the Mad Hatter is that Scarecrow would have to wear a blonde wig and a blue dress to seduce him.