Careercow FullyRawKristina / Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram - Raw Vegan con-artist


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Dec 28, 2014
While not as infamous as other lolcows, FullyRawKristina is a notorious vegan youtuber who preaches that fruit and vegetables can save your life, cured a black widow spider bite with raw foods, went on a 9 water fast to 'heal her body', suggests that a raw vegan diet can cure rabies, and much more.

What makes her a lolcow in my book (and a con-artist) is her cleverly edited videos where she frames herself as an enlightened being by spreading misinformation. Not only that but she's invented 'raw vegan replacements' of foods that need to be seen to be believed.

Among her extremely EXPENSIVE and repetitive recipes are...

Carrot bacon
Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
Pumpkin soup...COLD Pumpkin soup since to Kristina, cooking your food makes you unhealthy.
What she thinks is a satisfying Thanksgiving feast
Mac and Cheese, without macaroni and cheese

And 50+ repetitive and expensive juice recipes (she charges 10 dollars for a juice bottle) and even MORE repetitive 'ice cream' recipes.

Kristina is highly successful and is about to hit 1 million subscribers on Youtube despite being an obvious con artist and her recipes being too expensive for the common buyer.

Other video gems

How her eyes changed color by eating fruits and vegetables
Kristina going to a grocery store and going on a rant of how evil it is
Kristina apologizing for some SJWs getting triggered by her black face body paint

Also, her lifestyle is so extreme and out there that many vegan Youtubers have called her out. Yes, even vegan youtubers find her crazy and extreme.

Main Website:
YouTube channel:

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Dec 12, 2016
She reminds me of Rain Florence, an equally crazy vegan/hippy. She moved to Equador so she could breastfeed her son forever.. also because Child services were probably going to take her son away due to her "practices". I found her out through H3H3


Nov 7, 2013
Some of the recipes look like interesting concepts - though, I do think most of them could be improved by cooking.

Then I hit the rest and, well, I'll let this innocent bystander in the background of her 'Five Foods I Avoid' video explain it all.


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Jul 27, 2016
You can tell she is rich cause she wants you to use a Vitamix and an Excalibur dehydrater. Both of those are expensive as shit.

Detoxying stuff will always irritate me. It doesn't work that way. Your kidneys do that for you. Of course you will feel "better" if you eat right and get the right nutrients. I just hate seeing people get scammed.

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