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I mentioned this In the George Floyd thread but it bears repeating here.

Martin Luther King Jr and several members of the NAACP would pocket portions of donations and funding on the side then use the proceeds to fund "private meetings," in members houses. What nobody knew for years is these meetings were actually full on swinger orgies between members. The logic behind them being "it's what all the rich white folks are doing in the 60's, so hey why not us? Equal rights right?. "


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Okay last two vidya gaem stuff.

Crap arcade game: - "Water Balls"
YES, I SAID WATER BALLS. It's a crap arcade puzzle game.
The initials input music is John Philip Sousa's 'Liberty Bell March' (also recognized as the Monty Python theme).
At the game over screen, 'Game over, man!' from the 1986 movie Aliens is played.

Here a rare one I actually played many, many, many years ago.
Arcade Game - "Blaster"
The DuraMold modelwas a large circular arcade cabinet made entirely out of thick plastic. These cabs were very attractive and almost impossible to damage. They were, however, expensive to produce and had a fatal design flaw: they shrank slightly in the first few months after they were made. In some cases the shrinking machine would eject its monitor, and send it flying across the room. Williams quickly developed a fix for this, but no one wanted DuraMolds after hearing about them shooting monitors across arcades. The DuraMold Blaster was all black and had yellow graphics on the control panel and marquee.
It shouldn't be too hard to look up, but if anyone knows what this game is a sequel to without looking it up, Wraith's ♥♥♥♥乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚♥♥♥♥ Cat-Girl Points™©® for ya.


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Been playing arkham knight so have a couple Batman facts

Jason Todd was killed off in the Dark Knight returns before he was killed off in the comics (dkr was published in 86-87 a death in the family in 88

Harvey Dent was originally named Harvey Kent but the name was changed to avoid confusion with Clark Kent)

Cesear Romero refused to shave his moustache to play the joker so it had to be covered by the makeup

The joker was based on the appearance of Conrad veidt in the 1928 film the man who laughs

The joker in the animated series was originally going to be voiced by Tim curry before being replaced by Mark Hamil.

The batman and superman team up book world's finest was originally a one shot promo comic for the 1940 world's fair. And issue 153 (Nov 1963) or world's finest is the source of that meme of batman slapping Robin
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  • You grow a new skeleton every 7-10 years due to bone ossification.
  • If someone was murdered but there's no visible wounds check the corpses hyoid bone, which is at the base of the jawline. A broken hyoid bone is a telltale sign that someone was most likely strangled to death as it it does not break under normal circumstances.
  • The burning sensation you get in your thighs when exercising is lactic acid building up.
  • The human body contains far more joints than bone because every bone is connected to at least 1-2 joints.
  • The skin is the largest organ for your body


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Sears CEO Eddie Lampert was once kidnapped but convinced his captors to let him go.
The Russian word for water is voda.
Former NFL player Bryan Robinson got fucked to death by another man in a hotel room.


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The earliest draft of Jurassic Park Micheal Crichton submitted for publication was rejected for being "too kid friendly " the draft was about a boy in a fully functional Jurassic Park who got lost just as the park is sabotaged and the dinosaurs escaped. Crichton had originally meant for the book to be a modernized version of the pulp adventure stories he read as a kid and a departure from the thrilling sci-fi and cerebral dramas he penned at the time. He had to rewrite the story to feature more blood and gore and some harsher launguage in order to get approved for publication.


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The largest natural migration on Earth occurs twice every 24 hours. When the sun sets over the world's oceans, countless organisms from the deep travel up towards the surface to feed on the more nutrient-rich waters before retreating back to the depths at sunrise to avoid daytime predators. Many others living within the "middle" zones levels prey on the traveling biomass.

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If you roll out a dogs nose the surface area becomes very large but a pound of activated charcoal have a surface area of a 100 acres. That makes it a very good filter when producing alcohol and as a treatment for alcohol poisoning.
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Here's a few regarding Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The show originally had nothing to do with Will Smith, it was pitched as a show about the life of Talent Manager Benny Medina, who actually was living in the ghetto before living with his rich relatives.
He pitched it to Quincy Jones, who liked the idea but turned it down because it was too similar to every other white sitcom, and they both agreed the lead should be black to make it stand out.
It was pitched to NBC who loved the idea, and it just so happened around that time, Will Smith was having issues regarding his taxes, and by pure chance, Smith and Madina met.

Will took the offer, show was picked up, and it ran for 3 seasons.

And before you say "wait there's 6 seasons of Fresh Prince!"

It originally ran for 3 seasons, but fan demand and persuasion from Warner Bros TV (who owns the distribution rights) to give the show more episodes for a better syndication package, convinced NBC to give the show a few more seasons, where it actually ended since Will Smith thought the show needed to end.


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For some reason I posted this to the wrong thread a while back.

The "Big Iron" of the song of the same name was inspired by an actual gun Marty Robbins saw in a gun store, a unique gun built out of parts by Andy Anderson, the store owner. It was a "Great Western frame with a 12" barrel made from an 1892 Winchester rifle or carbine barrel in .44 WCF."

It would take a big man to use this effectively and both Andy and the guy who bought the gun were well over six feet. It's now in a private collection.

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Scott H. Reiniger, best known for his role as Roger in Dawn of the Dead, is also the Prince of Ghor, a region in western Afghanistan. His great great grandfather was the first American to set foot in the region, and was granted sovereignty in perpetuity.

Despite this, Reiniger has little interest in actually ruling the region and considers it an amusing anecdote.


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In memory of Dennis O'Neil heres a few more batman facts.

Batman has a video game on every major console generation as far back as the nes

Arkham asylum didn't appear until October 1974 despite being as integral to the batman mythos as the cave or the batmobile.

In the 1989 batman movie the artists rendering of the "bat man" was drawn by his creator Bob Kane.

The character batwoman was (ironically ) originally created to dispel rumors that batman and Robin were gay.

Batman year one had to use a much simpler and darker color scheme than Miller's previous story the dark knight returns because year one was printed on standard newsprint paper that couldn't print in glossy colors.

Every batsuit from the live action movies from 1989 to 2008 had an inflexible rubber head piece. Every actor playing batman was incapable of turning their heads so hence the origin of the "heroic turn"
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The shortest war in recorded history was the Anglo-Zanzibar war, and it was fought in 1896.

The Zanzibar Sultanate decided to tell the Brits to fuck off. The Brits took exception to that. The ensuing war lasted a grand total of 38 minutes, with the Zanzibar sultanate taking 500 total casualties. The British Empire suffered one casualty, a sailor who was injured.