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The line "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." Was the only change a female producer on fight club asked director David Fincher to make. He changed it to ."I can't wait to have your abortion." The same producer saw this at an early test screening and almost immediately after she begged Fincher to change it back.

Also when the vhs tapes at a video store are being blanked out as part of project mayhem, the posters in the video store were originally for alien³ the first major film Fincher directed. Some fox studio heads complianed so in post they where altered via CGI into independence day posters.


Genpei cowboy
It's been a long time since I unleashed my ninja autism, so lemme continue. If you watched the Narootouz you'll know that there's 3 ninja ranks - jonin, chunin and genin from highest to lowest. Now this is mostly historically accurate, though the rankings also had different sub-rankings which have mostly been lost to time. You can make parallels to how field armies were organized at the time, the jonin was the general, who led chunin - the unit leaders, who in turn led the genin - the soldiers in the unit.
Also, to refresh your memory, there were two meanings of the word shinobi back in the Sengoku period. In the narrow sense, shinobi exclusively referred to the samurai who have finished their formal ninjutsu training in the regions of Iga or Koga. In the broad sense, it referred to anyone from any social class from anywhere in Japan who sold their services in order to perform some or all activities performed by the ninja - espionage, misdirection, guerrilla warfare, sabotage, assassination etc.
The jonin basically acted the same way as samurai family heads and high ranking members. Along with that, the jonin acted as clan representatives and would be the ones to sell contracts for their services to samurai families and then allocate which units would go to serve that particular daimyo who bought their services.
The chunin were the unit leaders, samurai who completed their formal training in ninjutsu. They would be the ones in the field who commanded a unit of junin and would be the ones who oversaw all operations in a particular area that they were contracted out to.
Lastly, the genin were the ones who did all the actual legwork, from information gathering to more violent actions such as vandalism and assassinations. Most genin were drawn from the lower classes who had partial training in ninjutsu. However, genin who were seen to be particularly skilled would be allowed to completely master ninjutsu and would join the samurai class through being adopted into one of the samurai families of Iga or Koga, depending on where they are from.
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Robert Sanvagene

Taking his Poo to the Loo
Michael Kirkbride wrote the 36 Lessons of Vivec for Morrowind by taking shrooms, LSD, and locking himself in his apartment for a week. Who knew drugs made you so productive!
This sounds like a lite version of the method Captain Beefheart used to record Trout Mask Replica, only in his case it took months and he had several other musicians virtually held hostage in the process.


Aka horrorfan89
I wanna buy and watch some dracula/vampire movies for Halloween so here's a few for you.

Horror of Dracula aka the second most definitive dracula movie was released 27 years after the 1931 universal Dracula with Bella Lugosi and 3 years after lugosi's death.

Bella Lugosi was buried in his original Dracula cape and costume

Castlevania 1 was released on the nes in North America on the 90th anniversary of the publication of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The monster form of Jerry dandrige in fright night is the original puppet of the librarian ghost from ghostbusters that was rejected for being "too scary."

Vlad tepes III aka Vlad the impaler and the real vlad dracula got his name because his father was the head of the order of the Dragon so his name literally means vlad son of the dragon.

Orange Rhymer
"Scar Tissue" by RHCP detunes the B-string, making the fingering a bit flat.
This is not a standard or even any alternate tuning' By using the concept of 'Just Tuning' vs. 'Even Temperment', the piece sounds correct.
John F. tunes perfectly to the 5:4 ratio of the lower major third.
He is def an expert musician and has taken coursework in music theory.
I found this out during my musical excursions.


Aka horrorfan89
Night of the demons was originally titled Halloween party, of course due to the Halloween series kinda already having the monopoly on that title it had to be changed, but the title card animation was already finished. So at the last minute they had to literally cover it up by placing a new animation cel over the original title and change it night of the demons


Aka horrorfan89
In the 1985 movie silver bullet diet coke cans and cases can be seen among the bottles and cans for collection in one scene, however the movie takes place in 1976 and diet coke wasn't introduced until 1982.

Also coke related in nightmare on elm St part 2 you can see a can of new coke in jessie's bedroom. The drink had been introduced during the film's production.

New coke was the last US made Coca-Cola product made with real cane sugar (the product is still made with cane sugar in mexico as are most sodas and are sometimes imported to the US as mexican coke)
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