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Fun Facts about the short Rejected (2000):
Don used a 35mm Richardson animation camera stand (one of the last remaining functioning cameras of its kind) to make Rejected and all of his other shorts until 2011 when he switched to digital. The camera was also used to make the original Peanuts cartoons. All of his student films from 1995–1998 were shot on a 16mm camera.



This is the control panel for the stand, heavily modified over the years.


Photography of Everything Will Be Ok in 2006.


Photography of Rejected underway in 2000.


Special effects photography setting up for The Meaning of Life (2003)


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The computers in Jurassic Park were provided by silicon graphics,around the same time they started working with nintendo on development of the Nintendo 64,

Denis nerdy can be seen watching jaws at one point in Jurassic Park (on a computer in 93 that would be no easy task)

The t Rex miniature designed by phil tippet would later be used by kenner to mold the red Rex Toy



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Robocop 3 was filmed in 1991 immediately after work on robocop 2 ended but was delayed from being released due to Orion pictures going bankrupt. It was picked up by MGM who bought up most of Orion's IPs and intended to release it in June 1993 but due to Jurassic Park and Last Action Hero being released that month it was pushed back to November.

Due to both being released on December 22, 1989 Tango and Cash and Always are tied for the title of "last movie ever released in the 80's."

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Spider silk is used to form crosshairs in optical instruments. While perhaps not as durable as other methods, the main advantage it has, is it can be 1/5 the diameter of a human hair, and results in a very fine crosshair that causes minimal interference when put into a lens array.

Collecting spider silk was industrialized significantly during World War 2 for construction of gun sights, but it fell out of use by the 1960s.
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The Yagan people are the southernmost living people on Earth. Though they lived in a sub-Antarctic climate, they still ran around either naked or in loincloths. A Yagan could sleep entirely naked in the climate with no problems while Europeans had to bundle up.

The Inughuit people are, or rather were, the northernmost living people on Earth. Because they were eventually isolated from even other Inuit peoples, the Inghuit went the longest period of peacetime in the world. For hundreds of years, they never experienced any type of war or civil disorder thanks to their isolation.


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from a high enough elevation in Wales Alaska on a clear day it is theoretically possible to see Siberia fifty miles away, however it's easier to see Russia form one of the Little Diomede Islands. The islands share the same name as part of the original treaty between Russia and the us when Alaska was purchased from Russia.