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In certain villages in Romania, it is common for people to be trained in the traditional art of vampire slaying. Children are taught at a very young age the traditional methods to defend yourself from undead nightstalkers, and they have very specific and unorthodox burial rituals to prevent dead loved ones from reviving themselves as vampires and escaping their graves to wreak havoc on the living. Safe to say, Romania is either collectively extremely paranoid and delusional, or an entire country populated entirely by badasses.


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This is sugar under a microscope. The jagged edges can literally tear your veins as it passes through your bloodstream which is a very real threat to people with diabetes who tend to have high blood sugar (as blood also passes through your kidneys which also filter out excess sugar, it can rip apart those as well hence why diabetics tend to have kidney issues). Henry Ford accidentally saw sugar under a microscope and immediately swapped to a no-sugar diet.

Unfortunately sugar is also delicious.
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If your orbital bone gets broken, your eye muscle can get snagged in the crack and stuck there leaving you with one eye that's locked in place.
Fractured my orbital eye socket. Two choices the specialist gave me...

  1. they would cut a slit in my eyelid then place what can be described as a guitar pick to re-enforce the structure.
  2. if you don't have eye sagging or loss of vision then do nothing.

Luckly I qualified for #2 but they still said he would do the surgery just to be sure, but I noped the fuck out of that.

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When The Empire Strikes back was first released, it face tons of backlash from both critics, and fans alike. People were asking why the Rebels were getting their buts kicked despite blowing up the Death Star, and the “I am your father” twist was seen by many as moronic.
And one of George Lucas’ concepts for a Star Wars Sequel was Luke training an apprentice. Said apprentice, would have been female.
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