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()()() is not a palindrome but ))(()) is.

The Japanese spider crab has the longest leg length proportional to its body size of all arthropods (which includes actual spiders and the entire insect family). It's also the most horrifying of all arthropods.

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The largest land dwelling arthropod is the coconut crab. Which allegedly ate the body of Amelia Earhart.

The largest arthropods to ever exist were Pentecopterus and Arthropleura (a giant fucking millipede) both were about 6 ft long.

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Also it used to be that way in the communist block. People would joke that you get free beer in your tap because sometimes it would have that golden color.
That brings me to another fun fact: the reason internet speed is so fast in formerly communist countries is because during the communist era, phone lines were extremely underdeveloped. Barely anyone had a phone at home and people would just usually use a shared one near the entrance to the given apartment block (hell even my family still didn't have one in the early 90s, my dad would use CB radio to call the cops or the doctor). So when we opened to the world in the 90s it was mostly a blank slate, and during a good time too because a lot of technological advances would undergo at the time. Therefore we could start off with brand new technologies while countries like say the UK still have to deal with primitive copper wiring as old as the telephone itself in some areas.
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