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International waters begins at 200 nautical miles from land, or 230.15 miles / 370.4km.

So what happens to places like the Gulf of Mexico? Well, it actually has two donut holes worth of international waters, on the maritime boundaries of the USA, Mexico, and on the eastern one, Cuba.
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There are two donut holes that are entirely surrounded by a single nation:

Russia has one

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and Japan has one

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That's true except for when there is something in the water that a powerful nation wants to exploit, then the line can be pushed from the land itself to the edge of the continental shelf and if that's not far enough for those purposes then just make up a reason.


The green area is currently disputed by Iceland, Denmark and Ireland.

The reason China is building up those rocks and atolls and stationing (military) people on them to extend their border is because under UNCLOS "land" must be able to sustain human habitation. China is blatantly exploiting the rules of the UN.
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As of 2020 all the men involved with the creation of Batman and the Joker including future artist on the comics dick sprang passed away. With Stan Lee's death there's now no famous creator from the gold or silver age of comics left alive.

Before it became synonymous with the spider man comics daily bugle was a common name for newspapers in comic books because no actual publication would allow their name and likeness to be used by comic publishers, who newspapers saw as an "inferior tabloid". At the time

Many comics from the gold and silver age are so rare and valuable because during wartimes paper recycling drives often received comic books more than any other periodical for recycling.


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The American ICD 10 list of code for medical billing includes codes for kuru a diesse only known among a small cabal of humans in New geniua and is nearly an extinct prion, and codes for how to bill radiation sickness and injuries following an atomic bomb know something that if happens may lead to the end of the world and a system of hospitals and health care entirely?

Similarly the IRS has emergency protocols and a detailed method for tax collection following a nuclear war, and Disneyland and world have special bunkers for VIPs to seek shelter in should a nuclear war breakout near the parks.
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The hills have eyes 2 (the 80s version actually directed by wes craven) began production in 1983 but was shut down by the producers and shelved, it was later brought back into production because of the success of a nightmare on elm St a year later in the hopes of cashing in on elm St's success but Craven couldn't go back and reshoot anything to finish the movie so it had to be padded out with flashbacks using stock footage from the original hills have eyes, and thankfully an ending had already been filmed. The film was only released theatrically in Italy and wasn't released in the US until 1985...on video and direct to cable TV.

It remains the only one of his films Wes Craven openly disowned.
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The intellectuals are almost always the first to be purged when Socialism/communism becomes the dominant system in a country. The quality of life in socialist countries sharply declines in less than five years following a supposed "boom period." Socialist countries have had higher rates of depression and suicide than capitalist or non partizan countries.

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Moxie was the inspiration for vim! In the fallout 4 dlc far habor. The rivalry between the vim and nuka cola company mirroring the brief real life rivalry between the two.
Interesting, personally I love Moxie it's still around as a regional brand in New England, but the bitter aftertaste is what makes or breaks it for most people. You either love it or hate it, no in-between. Mrs. Skeltal hates Moxie with a passion because of the aftertaste.

Some more fun facts:

The upper mantle is made of peridot (olivine). It, clino- and orthopyroxene, and spinel-structure minerals form an ultramafic rock called peridotite.

The core-mantle boundary (called d'' (pronounced "dee double prime")) is the graveyard of old oceanic crust after it undergoes subduction. The so called "slab graveyard" can be seen with seismic imaging techniques.

Most countertop material marketed as "granite" isn't actually granite. If you ever see a "black granite" countertop it is most likely gabbro, the phaneritic intrusive variety of basalt.

There is a mine in New York state at Gore Mountain that produces garnet abrasive. The garnets extracted there can be the size of baseballs.