Funko pops - How are they still a thing?

Return of the Freaker

Good Luck Eat Chicken At Night
So it finally happened yesterday, I’ve been talking to this girl on a dating app for awhile and yesterday she came over for the first time. Let’s just say we got down and dirty. My favorite Iron Man POP was on the shelf while I was getting some action and I actually looked over at it a few times just to be sure he would be included in the memory. I was already greatly fond of this Pop but I’m feeling a lot more sentimental now that it’s been part of such an incredible experience, I don’t think I could ever get rid of it now. Is there anyone on here who had a similar experience?

What pops do you still have from when you lost your virginity?
Ever since the video dropped, whenever I read this pasta it's in the voice of that guy that positively reviewed Cuties.


How were they ever a thing? Didn't anyone learn from Beanie Babies?
At least Beanie Babies were adorable, cuddly, and at the time, a new type of collectible toy since beanie plushies hadn't been a thing yet. Some of them were copy-pasted like the damn holiday teddy bear ones, but they had some cool ones like a scorpion, a stingray, some dragons, etc.