Funniest JY quotes - Because he's always full of wisdom.

Short Stack
There's a few of them out there....riley dennis....trans les with a cock
How do their partners enjoy les sex when they have cocks
More like cosplay IMHO

Short Stack
I wonder where TERFs get the idea that "trans lesbians" are heterosexual males trying to pressure lesbians to have sex with them; it's a complete mystery...
I wonder why one would have their dick chopped off...only to use a strap on
The world is insane....Yet if you disagree with the're a ...racist...homophobe...transphobe etc.
Did Nostradamus say anything about the shit going on now
"And the none too bright shall attain a new coinslot"


Hiding behind a log
Lucky for him, that's a pretty common thing in prison: the old lags boil sugar and water until it's a caramel about 300C and throw it at the paedos.
Yes, I know someone who works as a Prison Officer and when he was being trained they showed him what inmates do in terms of weaponry. The sugar water is an old one, burns off the skin and sticks to it.

Most interesting one was a improvised shotgun made out of piping


18 year old grey wolf high school dropout
''Shh the adults are talking. Go back to your corner.'' "Jessica" Jonathan "I have tampons up my sleeve and I like to leave them up my arse" (2019)

No u


"I am suicidal if you don't believe me ask my mum"
A gem...this time moaning about Township Langley ("policing division") who are deliciously playing with him.


On par with his anorexia quote for me.