Funniest line from an lolcow? -

Jersey Devil
"I curse you in the name of Yahoowah" is a good one.

My recent favorite is that Final Fantasy 9 reference from the Bohepans stream Jim did-- I don't remember the exact quote, but it was some quote from the game that he brought up to illustrate how terrible it was that his family wanted him to get a job and move out.
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Judge Holden

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Honestly, im gonna have to go with Chris. His "The pickle man tricked me again :(..." line is my personal favourite because it captures the utter surreal absurdity of the classic chris era, but frankly he is just the most quotable lolcow I have ever witnessed even after over ten years and literal hundreds of other cows.

Hell even today he still manages to say shit that I later see repeated years later on various social media sites like "DONT. CALL. ANYBODY." or anything about "blue arms".

Testaclese Maximus

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That one bit where that chick referred to her son being jaundiced as having “yellow sink disease”.

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