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Sorry to double post but

"The Pokemon poop is so 2013. It's Pokemon and dragon urine now." - JustinRPG

He said this without any trace of irony.


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This is a personal favorite from my first thread: “I was gently assaulted by a negro man.”

Syaoran Li

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Pretty much anything Jace or Terry said.

Also, this little tweet from a forgotten lolcow...

"I may be a hikkikomori, but at least I ain't a whiny Social Justice Warrior!"
-Todd "N9OGL" Daugherty


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Pick a line from the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room. It's glorious.

"Could you please advise what legal process you require for this request and also confirm preservation of the data requested pending legal process."


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Well, just like a computer, my brain is random. It picks up memories at random. I cannot simply access them sometimes, even though, most of the time, I can. But sometimes I can't, and they later come back to me at random. -Chris Chan.. Source: Random Access humor page on the CWCwiki

and of course... JULAYYY!


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