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Prince Lotor

It's my fucking day off! What?
Whenever he says "Schhtahp living in the past!!!!" like from in this video clip where 9 years later he's watching himself accuse a child-fan of "living in the past". He's been telling people to stop living in the past because of how much he's changed for over half a decade at this point.
DSP is always accusing people of "living in the past" and will angrily say to people "You're living in the past!", "You can't keep living in the past!", "You gotta stop living in the past!" This is a classic narc manipulation tactic to refuse to ever address anything that happened even 1 day ago. They will dissociate by claiming that their self from the past is an entirely separate person, and you judging them and holding them accountable for what someone else did is fucked-up and actually a character flaw that you need to fix.
In a hilariously meta example of this during his Retrospective event while he was laughing hysterically watching himself from 9 years ago be an asshole to children 2018 DSP sits there and watches 2009 DSP telling a child "Stop living in the past, bro'.

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