Funny Tommy Tooter quotes - because clearly there are way too many of them


The Cow Dullahan
Every variation of "don't call me sir" usually gets a pretty good laugh out of me.
This always gets a laugh in my book. Especially when it’s some random person he’s calling for help. “What can I help you with today sir?” “Um first of all you can stop calling me Sir. Ok? I’m not a man”

Like... when ya look and sound like a man, what do you expect?

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Every variation of "don't call me sir" usually gets a pretty good laugh out of me.
Those are the best especially when he is sperging at the TPD dispatch, and they keep calling him sir.

Any time he says "this is the last time I'm posting here".
That is the sperg cycle Ribo and Doc at AMB taught me about the tooter sperg cycle of scream and reee for a week or so.

the scream this is the last time I'm posting here. Goes dormant for a week screaming on twitter and then he is back on AMB and KF for another round of tooter comedy.
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You rack sa discripirine!!
there's a couple of great ones in here yet again he admits to masturbating his dog. this was before the livestream where a group of trolls tricked poor old time into giving them wrenches on his channel and setting up a Discord server.

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