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You’re looking at a good idea for a horror franchise. Wasn’t this idea already done by The Last of Us?
Yep, TLoU used a cordyceps-like fungus to explain their zombies. It's a pretty cool family of fungi that overrides the host animal's nervous system to facilitate the fungus' reproduction.



drinks all your Pepsi and calls you a bitch
Let me introduce you all to Gojiro (archive) and they are into some really weird shit. They don't draw these images, they just color them, so they have an equally fucked up friend that works to produce these masterpieces.

They have a few fandom fixations.

They pop up on the FA front page a LOT because they like making 3-5 color versions for each drawing so it's hard to miss it when they decide to upload them all at once.
what did Peggy and Luanne do to deserve this fate

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