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Literally Whojak?

Ran across a guy who refers to himself as a pedovore, going by Kavari The Hungry. He's been featured in the thread before in art by smudgeproof, but this time he's back with an Odinboy piece.
I'm pretty sure Odinboy is an actual, legitimate pedophile so somebody who goes by the name of "pedovore" commissioning him for something like this isn't really surprising to me. Apparently said artist was tracing literal cheese pizza of shotas for his vorefag wank, if so this guy is literally Mistystuffer 2.0.
Normally I don’t get mad about “regular” sorts of drawn underaged characters because it’s just a drawing and there’s no victim. But when I see shit like this, where it’s inculding rape or some other sort of harm towards them like guro, abuse, or whatever that all goes out the window. It doesn’t even have the courtesy to be cartoony and unrealistic. Both lines I’ve put down in my head have been crossed, and I’m not okay with it. Got links to this fucker’s accounts?
All I've got is odinboy's postings and a telegram message in a anonymous message forwarding bot claiming to be Kavari. However I did track the pic back to Odinboy's pages, with Kavari's name on them.

Odinboy's Posts are at two sites:

And a screenshot of the post. (The bot they are in is @fextremeloungebot on telegram)

Doctor Stan

Fake Doctor
Man, remember when my little pony was a brand of plastic horses for little girls and not the inspiration for shit like this? A better age, and one we are far past.
Whenever you need some daily horror porn, Smudge Proof is always there to fill your quota and then some.
Let's find a way to launch him into the sun, I'll start a crowdfunding campaign for it
found a fucking discord server full of furfag feeders. I'll post some of the exceptionally exceptional content here.
How did you get into this? Do we not need to know that or what?

HP Lovecrafts Cat

The (Nigger) Man Himself
It's time to live up to my name and become a regular on this thread. I'll start off vanilla and get worse.

Here's some uwu cutesy shit that reeks of beastiality.











Side note: that "Big Boy" one is fucking hilarious.
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