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The cooler ancient evil.
It’s an obvious parody. It’s by Jay Naylor, it’s a miniature character with a hyper dong, the text included, the absurd colors for things that aren’t shown... How do you not see that?
The problem is that in CURRENT YEAR, nothing surprises me with furries anymore and this thread is a good example why.

Poe's Law is pretty much in permanent effect these days.
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Why. Just why.

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The description reads:


there! i got around to making a better barney/babybop picture and colored it X3. inb4 everyone complains i gave her boobs >3<; i like boobs! I'm sorry!
anywho! i wanted to draw this for a loooong time! =3 i dont recall being a fan of this show actually~ but maybe i was, i unno, i recall lamb chop's sing along more :V

I looked up the age for the green one, turns out she is 3 years old.
Fuckin hell, if they aged her up, it would be /somewhat/ tolerable, but wouldn't save this from being ugly af

Big Meaty Claws

What did you say, punk?!
You ever just see some poorly made character copy and pasted over and over again?

Well let me introduce you to a man I found called Sword Dragon(https://www.furaffinity.net/user/swordsdragon/)
Basically, this man, LOVES this character, and fucking pastes him all over the place in different poses








These Last Two are pretty funny




Succinctly titled "living anal beads". There was a clean version of this also, but that wasn't nearly horrific enough for this thread.

Ah yes, hyper taur anal vore weight gain.

If I change my avatar I'm calling dibs on this one.

I literally cannot comprehend what the fuck is happening to Mewtwo's torso in this. That pregnancy belly bump and the way the tits are in front of the knees is especially bad.

If it had a more realistic rhino or even just a human head this one might actually be somewhat impressive as a 3D render, but the dumb piercings and the soft cartoony proportions of the face are really uncanny valley-ing it for me.

All-the-way-through vore is a new one...

Scat is a standard here but this is the first time I've been nauseated by it because of the setting of all places.

This artist has a ton of these little sculpt figures of their oc getting boned. The face here gives me some major Sonichu medallion vibes.

Everything about this is viscerally unpleasant to look at.

The way you can see the dog's whole dick through the stomach of the other dog is horrific.

It's supposed to be a waterfall of cum but it just looks like someone made a dildo out of napkins and papier-mâché.

That horse looks so fucking sad about this turn of events.

Given that Cynder has an adult form in that edgy Spyro trilogy and it ain't this, I'm pretty sure this counts as cub.

Saving the worst for last: The_Guron had a piece I featured in my first post here, and on a secondary look at their gallery it seems to consist entirely of bestiality torture porn. God is dead and we killed him, etc.

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