Futa V. Femboys V. Tomboys V. Cuntbois. -

The Lawgiver

We all know what happens to alien spies.
Only one of these is real.

Futa is an anime girl that can grow a penis at will/has a penis somehow despite being genetically female, kinda gay
Femboy is literally just a joke term for a feminine/androgynous anime boy which may or may not be gay depending on the personality.
Haven't heard cuntboi used in years so I might be fuzzy on the definiton but I'm pretty sure it's fucking dumb shit like futa but reverse so pretty fucking dumb and gay.

Tomboy is a term used to describe real life women who don't give a shit about appearing girly or whatever and just do whatever the fuck they want even if percieved as out of character for a woman.

On a scale of better, not a single specific one ranks above the others, though tomboy ranks out as the only "real" one.
Futa and cuntbois are fucking inferior as thats usually the entire basis of their personality, whilst femboys and tomboys are literally just traits of a character's visual appearance for the former and personality for the latter.

In the last 4 years or so the definitions of all 4 of these terms have been somewhat blurred and corrupted to mean the same thing by horny degenerates with political motivations. it's incredibly disheartening to say the least.

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Tomboys can be pretty cool, but they're overrated. A woman not wielding her femininity in a way that intimidates male nerds (obviously the appeal of tomboys in the new meme sense of the word) doesn't automatically mean she has a "heart of gold" or whatever.
That's not even getting into all the basic bitches who call themselves "tomboys" just because they have short hair or smoke weed or like some "male oriented media" whatever.

tomboys win clearly. the other 3 are just an affront to god.
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The Lawgiver

We all know what happens to alien spies.
Futa is the supreme choice because its a fucking fantasy and all the rest are real life things and anyone identifying as that is internet crippled attention whore.
Describing yourself as something doesn't make it real. See: self described "femboys" online. They all look like fucking incel and/or troon stereotypes and 100% nothing like the fucking anime characters that brought the term into popularity.

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