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It's great to hear the Commanders voice again! I wonder if Jace has even heard about that January person. I bet he'd have a field day verbally owning that faggy poet. :stickup:
The Commander is the only voice for MRA's in gaming, and only through a deadly combination of deagles and parkour martial arts will he be able to eliminate the tangos and secure the future of gaming.


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Not exactly an interesting video, but I guess it means Jan intends to have Jace act like nothing ever happened and play both simultaneously?
I think Jan may have a split personality... one side is the enlightened feminist poet January, and the other is the dangerous gamer vigilante Jace. Its the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the internet age
I have been going through January's first tumblr post. I would argue that clearly January is the real identity of Jan Rankoski.

Jan said:
But some days I wake up and look in my vintage hand mirror, and as I look myself in my eyes, I wonder out loud: “Am I really a gay homosexual autistic feminist? Or is it simply a mirror-thin foussad of self, which I wrap amongst my eyes cover my worldly shame?” And then I whisper to the hand mirror: “Yes”.
As @Frank_Jaeger suggested, there is clearly a split in their identity. Yet, January is the real person and Jace is his creeping gamer that consumes him.

We may all have to decide who do we save. The commander or the person the commander was before he became consumed by gaming and our culture.

Note that he never reveals in his tumblr post who the real person is. He just says yes as if each wants to assert themselves as the real identity.
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You are right. I am a pathetic little worm, still I am a seeker of truth; a book worm, if you will. Clearly there is a conflict of identities, a clash of opposites.

I personally want to save the commander, but January is someone that is interesting to me as well. @Jackie Chin you are a truly faithful servant of the commander and I commend you for that.

I wander though, in this clash of opposing identities, who will last. I am routing for Jace to come out victorious, but I would not be too disappointed by January's victory.

The world needs a new Post Enlightenment Post Modernist Feminist Icon just as much as it needs Gaming's Extreme Sport Parkour Commander.


this doesn't actually mean im going to listen to this poll whatsoever but tell me which direction this train is going because i've never planned any of this ahead more than a week or put any thought into it, so now I have to come up with something entirely different to do with my free time... if you've been following WIZ DUM GUN for the last week, you'll see i've done a few little experiments trying to figure out what is still fun to play around with and what is not. Jacevision being an example, would anyone be interested in Dank Swordz Ep.2?? if so it's coming soon

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I think it will be hard to tell so close to the "end".

Personally don't think DN will be nearly as enticing knowing it's fake, but I would still like it to be a sort of occasional thing.
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I *really* wanted to pick the Blue Pill option . . . . but my better senses prevail, and I'd like to see where you can take your other creative endeavours.

Also: Merch me!!


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I figure it can still go on, but, even during the post-final livestream, that in character thing felt so different, knowing for certain it was all a ruse.

I feel like you should do something of a mix between the second and the last option, basically pretending as though this reveal never happened, making videos openly denying jan and everything, just to see how many people STILL get caught up in the waves of mis/disinformation.


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Keep everything as it is: make January a person suffering with MPD, Jace is a gamer fragment of that and make the continual struggle for dominance. I.e: during a stream, make Jace maybe say something positive about feminism by mistake. Jace is unaware January is saying it was all fake and he was acting cause they're different personalities, then have him react on stream to January or something.

I dunno, I think that would really fuck with the media following you. Just an idea.

Bonus fuckery points: stream January preaching feminism whilst Jace streams games. Use tactical vomit breaks to switch to pre-recorded footage of Jace playing single player games. Then go January and do feminism call-ins.

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I think the reason why Deagle Nation was so gripping was the mix of wacky antics and the glimpses into the backgrounds of the characters, how over time you could gradually build up a picture of the things in life that had screwed them up (and were continuing to screw them up). And obviously the reason why this was so fascinating was because we all thought we were watching real, complex people, and all these details added to that realism. But now that we know it's all a ruse, I dunno how much you'd be interested in continuing to develop the characters just for the sake of it, now that the deception motive isn't there any more. So I think my instinct would be that you should keep Deagle Nation in a limited capacity, focusing more on the hijinks side of it. I'd love some sort of exciting finale that ties up all the loose ends (Rob Connors, Wop Dad etc) but obviously there'd be a lot of work in that.

Or just keep doing whatever confuses the most people.


Pressed 2. It's not like the magic is gone now that it's been revealed to be a ruse, the characters are still funny as fuck and I can guarantee you'll still get people riled up with Jace because as demonstrated with Buzzfeed there are people stupid enough to believe anything you do is legit as long as its done with some conviction

The feminacetheism blog has some potential in that regard. You could probably be directly contradictory and still fool people.


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I want to see the Deagle Nation episodes continue as if nothing ever happened. It is a great series and Jan really did a great job with it. Also the Deagle Nation forum can have new life as a place where people can role play as hardcore gamers. A gaming theme park forum where everyone is in a "costume".

I also want to see this branch out with the January theme, also. It is a great concept as well. I will treat it as being real, but it too has the ability to be similar. Who would not like to mascarade as a social justice warrior?

The thing that was great about the Deagle Nation was the videos and the fan base. The fanbase is very talented and it can alter itself to be whatever it is needed to be. Go with both themes, but make them clear to the fan base. I think it is obvious that those of us here at the farms are very capable of adapting to whatever form this takes.

The "truman show" tact that is taken by the people here is a real asset. All of us can be the cast members that are needed to make a show like this succeed. Also, this gives broader purpose, life and direction to this site.
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