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Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna - better known as Gabbie Hanna - is an amalgamation of mental health conditions with a social media presence. She is currently experiencing - or fabricating - another very public breakdown. Gabbie is attempting to engage various influencers in public confrontations - most likely in an effort to generate interest in her upcoming delusion-based exposé docu-series. She has spent several months insisting that other influencers and executives at YouTube are threatening both her livelihood and her life.

Essentially, Gabbie has dedicated her career to the development of a perpetual victim complex. She dabbles in terrible poetry, music, and podcasting - but her true talent lies in exhibiting victimhood and mental instability on camera. If you happen to be new to this woman, it might be best for her to introduce herself.

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x x x

There is a lot of ground to cover with this one; I've attempted to collect only the most relevant incidents but her history is vast.


Gabbie is one of six children born to James and Michelle Hanna. She was born on 7 February 1990 in New Castle Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology in 2013.

[x x]

As demonstrated above, Gabbie often claims that her childhood was abusive. She states that her relationship with her mother is strained as a result of her being both a cunt and a BPD sufferer. According to Gabbie, Michelle is also a hoarder who decided to raise her children in a religious cult - the reality of boring Catholicism is not nearly special enough.

Many of the claims Gabbie makes in relation to her childhood are dubious at best - but I will admit that her family are unquestionably dysfunctional. We've heard her claims that she was responsible for excessive childcare and household chores as a child. We've also heard her claims that she was not permitted to drive and was isolated by her Mother who failed to provide for her.

However, younger siblings currently in Michelle's care appear to have driving permits. Additionally, Michelle frequently attempts to include Gabbie in family events, and openly supports her content on Facebook.


There are no obvious signs of hoarding on family social media pages - but interestingly, on 17 May 2018, Gabbie released a video claiming to have a hoarding problem of her own. In May 2015, Gabbie's mother was still paying for her phone plan which goes some way towards contradicting her claims she was never provided for. Gabbie's statements are - at the very least - an exaggeration designed to maximise her victimhood. She alternates between celebrating her family, and insisting that they are evil incarnate - depending on what best suits the narrative of any given day.

In May 2021, Cherisa Hanna spoke out against Gabbie and her sisters. She initially complained that Gabbie had stolen her artwork to use in one of her terrible poetry books. She later went on to accuse Gabbie and another sister of regularly beating their disabled Mother.

The sister in question - Cecilia Hanna - is one of the Easter Island heads and a mildly notable Tik Tok user. Cecilia denies the accusations and claims that Cherisa is the abusive sibling. Victimhood is a family affair.


Anyway, shortly after graduation, Gabbie would leave her lucrative role as a saleswoman for a random pyramid scheme to pursue a career on Vine. She would amass five million followers under the handle 'The Gabbie Show' before moving on to YouTube. Gabbie found marginal success with 'story-time' content in which everyone she encountered was a psycho or a stalker of some description. She would occasionally delve into the occult and her belief that her family are psychic. Essentially, her content fell into the I am very special category.

She also briefly worked for Buzzfeed before going it alone - but this post is long enough without that detour.


Much of Gabbie's timeline is disjointed and warped by her manipulation of the narrative. If you are only interested in current events, I'd still recommend scanning through the following incidents for the sake of getting context. She is incapable of leaving the past in the past, so current happenings often overlap with historical events.

  • In 2011, Gabbie made some fairly standard influencer jokes about blacks and wanting to fuck children. She was, of course, deeply sorry when visited by the ghost of racists past.
  • In 2015, she was accused of stealing jokes from Louis CK and Bo Burnham. She claimed she was victimized by the small channel that exposed her joke theft - and she would later go on to claim that the individual behind the channel was a former classmate who was obsessed with her and part of the ongoing vendetta against her.



On 1 February 2017, Dominic DeAngelis took part in a 'Smash or Pass' challenge. He stated that he would 'pass' on Gabbie as she was simply not his type. He made no further commentary. [archive for comments]

On 22 February 2017, Gabbie released a reaction video. She spent ten minutes finding out that no one wanted to fuck her, and in between attempting to laugh it off, seemed genuinely offended. [x]

On 2 March 2017, Gabbie approached Dominic at a party. She confronted him about the video and demanded to know if he would fuck her. He played it off fairly well. Gabbie did not; she insulted his manlet status and follower count in retaliation for his rejection. [x]

In April 2021, Dominic stated that Gabbie was one of the worst people he had met in LA. On April 21 2021, Gabbie claimed that Dominic was a bully who had dehumanized her by rejecting her.
1G.png 2G.png

On 28 March 2017, Gabbie attended a party hosted by Alex Wasabi. This was a private event with numerous influencers present. Among the guests was Bryan Quang Le - better known as Rice Gum. Bryan had previously made a diss track on Gabbie following a minor Twitter dispute during her joke theft drama.

Upon noticing Bryan, Gabbie took to Snapchat and informed fans that she wanted to challenge him to a rap battle. She noted that she didn't want to ruin the party by reigniting old drama - but moments later, she did exactly that. Over the course of several clips, Gabbie harassed Bryan and demanded he engage in a rap battle. Initially, Bryan played along, but made it clear he had no interest. Bryan would later claim that he asked her to stop filming and delete the videos she had posted. Unlike Dominic, Bryan had less patience.

Gabbie then returned to Snapchat. She stated she was sorry if it looked like she had been crying - it didn't - and claimed that Bryan had assaulted her and smashed her phone. She claimed that her screen was broken, along with the back facing camera. She then proceeded to use the back facing camera to show bruises on her legs.

These bruises were visible earlier in the night - prior to the alleged assault. They appeared to be well developed and not fresh. Gabbie would later go on to share fresh marks on her shoulder. These markings were not visible as she walked home - during which time she stated that 'even if she was lying' in relation to the assault, her property had still been damaged. Which is a perfectly normal thing to say. In all fairness, the area of skin where most of the marks appeared was covered during the video - they may have been present but it seems unlikely.


Bryan would send her $2000 to replace her phone and Gabbie would go on a short lived campaign to convince everyone he was a woman beater. No witnesses came forward to confirm her story as she had claimed. Only attempted child fucker Romeo Lacoste issued a statement - he confirmed that Gabbie was exaggerating.

Gabbie and Bryan argued across various platforms for a couple of days. Both released awkward diss tracks complete with autistic reenactments of the incident. Both appeared on DramaAlert. Mercifully, the drama died as quickly as it started.

On 9 November 2019, Gabbie asked her followers if it was her moral obligation to inform a friend if they were sleeping with someone who had an STD. Fans largely agreed that she had the right to do so.

Shortly afterwards, Trisha Paytas released Why I Don't Trust Gabbie Hanna.

In this video, Trisha revealed that she was the individual in question - and in 2017, her former partner Jason Nash had been told by Gabbie that Trisha had genital herpes. Trisha claimed that Gabbie had been spreading false information about her for a number of years. She claimed that Gabbie frequently text her demanding to know why they were not friends, and claimed that Gabbie was obsessed with the idea that Trisha 'didn't like her'. Trisha stated that she had been polite to Gabbie online, but had only met her in person on two occasions.

Earlier that month, Trisha had collaborated with a mutual friend - Gabi DeMartino. Upon hearing about their meeting, Gabbie Hanna contacted DeMartino and demanded to know if Trisha had talked about her. DeMartino confirmed that she had, but stated she did not want Gabbie to confront Trisha with the information. Gabbie ignored this request.

What followed were a series of video meltdowns, notepad statements, and escalating drama from all involved. These endless statements are both boring and confusing. It isn't really relevant. The important thing is, it culminated in a statement from Gabbie in which she claimed she was actually above internet drama and picking fights. Despite having instigated this one. Again.

T1.png T2.png T3.png T4.jpeg

We're not done with Trisha, but I'm attempting to keep this as chronological as possible, so we'll return to her later.

This is a particularly lengthy segment that spans over the course of roughly eight years.

TL;DR - Vine influencer Jessi Smiles was raped. Gabbie didn't care and seemed to suggest in a series of Tweets that she didn't believe her. She was not friends with Jessi at the time, and remained on civil terms with the rapist. Gabbie and Jessi would later become friends - their friendship ended because it was tOxIc or something. Years later, fans found Gabbie's Tweets in support of the rapist. Gabbie manipulated the narrative and convinced fans that she was never friends with the rapist and that those Tweets were fake. She went on a campaign to convince fans that Jessi was mentally unstable and involved in a conspiracy to ruin her life. It would later emerge that Gabbie had lied about every detail in order to preserve her public image.
  • In 2013, Gabbie and Jessi were growing on Vine. Contrary to popular belief, Gabbie and Jessi were not friends at this stage.
  • Their mutual connection was fellow Vine influencer Curtis Lepore.
  • Gabbie was a fan who interacted publicly with Lepore; Jessi was his girlfriend.
  • On 16 January 2014, TMZ broke the news that Lepore had been accused of raping Jessi.
  • Throughout the day, Gabbie would issue numerous tweets indicating her excitement, and her hopes that the situation would 'get nasty'.
  • She suggested that she did not believe Jessi had been raped. She seemed to suggest that Jessi had made the allegations because she was 'heartbroken'. Gabbie deleted a handful of these Tweets before I started archiving. Those I missed were capped by Lily Marston.
re9.png re8.png re7.png re6.png
  • Gabbie would later meet Jessi in person and privately apologize for her Tweets.
  • They would become close friends and collaborated on numerous occasions. Their friendship ended in 2015.
  • Fans later wrongly assumed that the friendship had started earlier, and ended over the Lepore Tweets.
  • When addressing critics, Gabbie ignored the Tweets she issued on the day of the allegations.
  • She has only addressed one Tweet she sent directly to Lepore in 2013 - prior to the rape. She publicly claimed that this was the only Tweet related to Lepore. She claimed that any other Tweets were photoshopped.
  • She claimed that people were lying and twisting the narrative to paint her as the villain - she insisted that she had looked for and failed to find any evidence to prove she supported Lepore and disbelieved Jessi.
  • Gabbie was, of course, lying.
  • She did continue to have a relationship with Lepore after the allegations and after her relationship with Jessi came to an end.
  • This image was reposted to a fan account on 16 June 2015. It shows Gabbie and Lepore in what appears to be a cap from Snapchat.
  • The second woman in the image appears to be Claire Felske.
  • Felske was involved with Lepore in 2015. They can be seen interacting in 2015.
  • This clearly demonstrates that Gabbie was on civil terms with Lepore and meeting with him in person in 2015.
  • In November 2019, a fan of Jessi's issued a Tweet criticising Gabbie's decision to choose a rapist over her friend.
  • Naturally, Gabbie confronted this random fan privately.
  • She spent hours openly lying to the fan and denying that she had ever been in support of Lepore.
  • She claimed that the Tweets in support of Lepore - archived above directly from her account - were fabricated.
  • She claimed that a conversation that had happened with Lepore in person had happened over the phone. Presumably, she lied about this in order to avoid admitting that she had met with him in person.
  • You can view the full caps of the conversation in Jessi's video linked below. Relevant caps are behind the spoiler.
  • Throughout the conversation, Gabbie attempted to paint Jessi as mentally unstable.
  • After being pressured to issue a public apology, the fan contacted Jessi and shared the conversation she had had with Gabbie.
  • On 16 November 2019, Jessi released 'Gabbie Hanna needs to be stopped' [x]

  • Jessi claimed that Gabbie had spent years spreading misinformation about her mental health both publicly and privately in an effort to discredit her.
  • Jessi insisted that Gabbie had privately admitted to socialising in person with Lepore after the rape allegations.
  • She maintained that the 'phone call' Gabbie mentioned was not a phone call, but an in person meeting.
  • Jessi stated that Gabbie was frustrated at having been prevented from associating with Lepore and his friends.
  • Gabbie told her "his friends didn't rape you."
  • After this video was released, Gabbie issued a statement. She claimed she was sorry for any hurt she may have caused, and for the inappropriate interaction with the fan.
  • Mere minutes later, it was revealed that Gabbie had already returned to harassing children on Twitter.
re4.pngre3.png RE1.jpeg RE2.jpeg
  • Gabbie's attempts to salvage her public image were largely unsuccessful. She fell silent on the matter for several months.
  • On 15 May 2020, Gabbie released a lengthy video statement. [x]

  • She continued to deny that she had supported Lepore.
  • She was careful to use the word 'collaborated' as this is technically true; Gabbie did not 'collaborate' with Lepore on a professional level. She did, however, associate with him in a personal capacity, and issue several Tweets supporting him immediately after the allegations came to light.
  • She failed to address the Tweets she issued on the day the TMZ story broke. Instead, she focused on Tweets she could use to warp the narrative.
  • She stated that the photograph taken with Lepore was taken against her will. You know, this photograph, where she's leaning in and smiling.

  • She maintained that the conversation Jessi mentioned with Curtis had happened over the phone rather than in person.
  • She admitted that she may have told Jessi "his friends didn't rape you" - but she couldn't be sure.
  • She also bizarrely goes off on an unrelated tangent about another friend who tricked her into believing she was being haunted. She claims she had a mental breakdown and contacted a priest as a result of this prank. She also took the opportunity to apologise for calling Beyonce an animal and said she loved her fat ass. Irrelevant, and yet still noteworthy.
  • Gabbie wrapped up the video by insisting that she was not releasing this statement as a publicity stunt. But if you so happened to be interested, she was releasing new music and a book.
  • On 17 June 2020, Gabbie walked back her statement. She claimed that she definitely didn't tell Jessi "his friends didn't rape you" and that she felt pressured to admit to doing so. Because - according to Gabbie - Jessi is part of that ongoing vendetta we're becoming so familiar with.
*Refer to 7 June 2021 below- there is an update to this story, but I'm not rewriting this. It's mostly still relevant.

In January 2020, Gabbie 'accidentally' cosplayed as Bianca Devins, an e-girl turned murder victim. When facing criticism, Gabbie stated that she had been unaware of the murder, and simply admired Bianca's style after seeing pictures of her online. Of course, this was deeply tRiGgERiNg for the internet, and Gabbie issued an apology video. She also contacted Bianca's Mother, who genuinely didn't care and hadn't been offended.

Gabbie would go on to post neurotically wailing about how Bianca couldn't rest in peace or something. She stated that commentary channels who criticised her for an honest mistake were bullying her and disrespecting the memory of Bianca. It seemed that - for once - Gabbie really was the victim she so desperately wanted to be.

... and then someone found out that Gabbie had used Bianca's name as a tag on her video, and she was using the dead girl as clickbait after all.

At this stage, it was pointed out by a handful of people that this was not the first dead girl Gabbie had used for content. She had previously made a fairly graphic Some Dumb Bitch Overdosed At School??1!!? video in 2017. Gabbie was referring to Erica Million who overdosed and died at her high school - her commentary on the girls character was less than complimentary.

News of the video spread in her hometown. Gabbie was 'shocked and hurt' that the dead child's family thought she was a shekel starved bitch for using Erica's death for views and ad revenue - but Gabbie claimed it was totally worth it because her audience of teenage oxy addicts definitely sobered up after watching her deeply inspiring content.

After some coercion, the mother of the victim agreed that the video might help to raise awareness. Gabbie released an apology video and went off on a tangent suggesting she had been psychically drawn to tell the story because - unbeknownst to her - it was the tenth anniversary of Erica's death. And Gabbie is so special these messages pretty much just come to her.

Throughout 2020, reviewing Gabbie's poetry book Adultolescence became a popular trend. This book is objectively one of the most retarded excuses for contemporary literature available for purchase and reviews reflected this.


Initially, Gabbie embraced the trend. She released a now deleted video mocking her own poetry. The full video is gone, but relevant clips can be found on numerous commentary channels.

It essentially amounted to promotional material for her upcoming book. Throughout, she grew steadily more neurotic and vaguely compared herself to Tarantino. She explained that her poetry was actually profoundly deep - and if anyone had bothered to read between the lines they would know that her poems were about death and childhood trauma. And something about how the gays are animals. Then she cried over her own poetry and compared it to The Odyssey.

On 22 August 2020, Gabbie released another video cashing in on the trend of mocking her own work - this time featuring her upcoming book Dandelion. It isn't worth archiving - relevant clips are everywhere - but I've linked while it's live. Once again, she attempted to critique her own work, but spent more time defending it and preemptively explaining how it should be interpreted lest anyone think it was shit. She also sent the book to several of her existing critics - including Rachel Oates. We'll revisit this point later.

Generally, this is how Gabbie handles criticism. She initially accepts feedback and claims to find it funny - when it suits her and draws attention to an upcoming release. Of course, she continues to explain why critics are wrong, but she claims she can take constructive feedback. Within a matter of months, she backtracks and claims that the experience of being publicly critiqued - whilst being a public figure - is actually bullying and is very traumatic for her.

We've seen this pattern throughout her career - take a look back at 19 November 2018.

Gabbie appeared on Genius to discuss her song Monster. Completely unwarranted, she belted a few lines. Predictably, it sounded fucking awful. This became a meme - initially, Gabbie took it in good humour.


She would later go on to blame the Genius crew for failing to inform her that the audio was peaking and for editing her in an unfavourable light. God forbid she accept responsibility for the fact she can't sing.


Anyway, she went on to sell merch based on this deeply painful event, and as recently as April 2021 was bragging about how 'viral' this meme made her. It only seems to be traumatic when it suits the narrative.


With her history covered, we'll move on to Gabbie's belief that she is the victim of an ongoing group attack orchestrated by various influencers who have crossed her over the years. According to Gabbie, it goes even deeper than that - YouTube as a company are apparently part of the attack, and her very life is in danger.

On 14 June 2020, Gabbie released a new music video - Special. This video did not perform as well as she had hoped, and Gabbie started begging YouTube to promote it. She claimed that it was being suppressed and demanded a meeting with Susan Wojcicki. Presumably, this meeting did not take place.

On 15 June 2020, Gabbie abruptly claimed that she had received death threats from a stalker. She claimed that the police would not take any action to protect her. Predictably, this generated attention, including a handful of articles in the following days.

Gabbie has been talking about a stalker since at least February 2014. The stalker has allegedly targeted her family and friends and over the years the supposed threats have escalated along with her paranoia.


And yet, once Gabbie had attracted attention with the oldest tool in her kit, she was able to set aside fears for her life and continued asserting that YouTube was deliberately suppressing her content. As far as Gabbie was concerned, it was impossible that her music only appealed to a niche audience. It could not be the case that no one wanted to listen to it. With eyes on her, Gabbie launched back into her assertion that she was the victim of a coordinated attack.

Throughout June 2020, Gabbie would go live on numerous occasions, across multiple platforms, embarking upon a series of genuinely psychotic rants. In these videos she made various claims; she believed she was being abused by narcissistic bullies including Jessi Smiles and Trisha Paytas. She believed nameless individuals wanted her to lose her income. Most bizarrely, she compared herself to Bob Lazar, and stated that by speaking out against YouTube, she was putting her life at risk. Apparently, someone connected with YouTube wants to actively murder her for speaking out about shadow banning. So, there's that.**


This brings us up to the events of 2021.

On 12 March 2021, Gabbie was diagnosed with ADHD. By April, she was fully embracing the new diagnosis after several years of exhaustive doctor shopping. She is now using her diagnosis as an excuse to be a quirky cunt. There is some debate as to whether Gabbie is actually psychotic, or whether this is a ploy for attention.

Gabbie alternates between describing her behaviour as an elaborate troll and between insisting that she is merely expressing herself after years of mental abuse. This very public spectacle just so happens to be playing out as she releases new music - something of a pattern we should be familiar with by now.

Much of the drama in April centred around her book Dandelion. As previously mentioned, Gabbie sent copies to several critics - including Rachel Oates. Rachel decided that the new poetry was equally as shit as the old. She wrote a short parody of the book from the perspective of her dog, and triggered the wrath of Gabbie in doing so. Gabbie had another meltdown, declared that no one understood her poetry because they weren't 'neurotypical', and decided that everyone was irrelevant and abusive.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Several of Gabbie's critics jumped in to defend Rachel and everyone involved got pretty MOTI.

In May 2021, it emerged that Gabbie had recruited an army of Patreon volunteers to patrol the accounts of her critics and report them en-masse. Bizarrely, Gabbie also admitted that she had used an IP logger to get the dox of a random child she suspected was part of this elaborate sabotage.


In January 2021, Trisha Paytas revealed that YouTube cat-fucker Shane Dawson had been the one to set the herpes train in motion. This revelation led to some civil communication between Trisha and Gabbie.

On 17 February 2021, Gabbie invited Trisha to appear on her podcast. They planned to talk through their previous drama and attempt to resolve their issues. Instead, Gabbie spent two hours trying to convince Trisha they had been close friends - whilst Trisha maintained that they had only met twice and her online communications had merely been an effort to be polite.

Amongst other things, Gabbie insisted that Trisha had invited her to Thanksgiving, shared poetry with her, and had generally had a very close connection. When this didn't appear to move Trisha, Gabbie got bored and started crying about her childhood. Trisha seemed amusingly well adjusted in comparison.

The podcast appeared to end amicably - if only for a moment. Gabbie would quickly resume her tantrum, and refused to accept that Trisha did not want to be friends. She would accuse Trisha, once again, of gaslighting her in relation to the nature of their friendship. Trisha released voice memos in which Gabbie admitted that she had misremembered events. In retaliation, Gabbie released caps that only confirmed that their interactions were polite rather than particularly intimate. Tweets in which Gabbie herself declared she was not friends with Trisha resurfaced. Suddenly, Gabbie was unavailable for comment.


Trisha would go on to ask Gabbie to stop interacting with her. She claimed she had schizophrenia or something typically Trisha. Gabbie ignored her and proceeded to discuss Trisha at every given opportunity - she landed herself in a minor scandal by calling obvious woman Trisha Paytas she/her instead of her preferred they/them at one stage. Apparently, it's that time of year when Trisha Paytas troons out. Irrelevant, but it made me laugh.


Finally, on 4 June 2021, Gabbie claimed in an interview with Buzzfeed that Trisha (and based on the context, Jessi Smiles) had spent the last six years sabotaging her career. Because, once again, there is definitely a secret campaign against Gabbie, orchestrated by several influencers who just can't seem to stop thinking about her.


Gabbie continues to make a spectacle of herself on social media. Her current content consists of awkward lewds and potentially psychotic Tik Toks. She seems to be feigning mental illness - or genuinely experiencing an episode depending on your perspective. She vaguely references her upcoming suicide from time to time, which seems to suitably upset fans and critics alike.

She continues to insist that she is the victim of a large scale harassment campaign. She is in the process of releasing an 11 part docu-series in the coming weeks addressing this alleged vendetta which sounds utterly psychotic. She also happens to be releasing more music - unrelated, I'm sure.


x x x x x

Her chemo-dome boyfriend Payton Saxon is a minor footnote in this saga. He seems to be mutely playing the long game and enjoying his share of the shekels. As of the Buzzfeed article, he was still in the picture. He deactivated his social media in April.

7 JUNE 2021

*Just as I thought I was done with this write up.


On 7 June 2021, Jessi Smiles released a series of Tweets. In these Tweets, she shared a recording of a phone call with Gabbie that took place last year. Gabbie admitted that she had met with Curtis Lepore after the rape allegations came to light on at least three occasions. Gabbie admitted that she had manipulated the narrative in order to preserve her public image. Gabbie stated that she did believe Jessi had lied about her rape, and that the Tweets she issued on 16 Jan 2014 reflected that belief at the time. Gabbie demanded a public apology for Jessi's 2019 video and vaguely threatened to kill herself. Somehow, she still maintained that she was the victim.

**With this new information in mind, when you look back at the podcast and the conviction with which Gabbie was able to lie, particularly about Jessi, it is genuinely quite staggering. Either she is sincerely delusional or an admirably dedicated fraud.

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a lot of people could write better poetry than her in their sleep. she's just further proof that social media makes it too easy for absolute nobodies to become a "social somebody", which they can't handle being.

It's even worse when she reads it out loud slam poetry style.

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Social media links should be at the end, and you should list both the original link and the archive next to it.
I'd also advise using a lot less spoilers (and spoilers within spoilers), though I understand how they're necessary for condensing all of the minor drama.

Nitpicks aside, it's a very solid thread. I've considered writing one up on Gabbie in the past, though thankfully I never bothered. There's far too much info I would have overlooked, and the thread would have mostly referenced the commentary videos about her awful poetry/music or the few memes created at her expense.

My only question now is, would snowflake or trashfire fit better for the thread's prefix?


Social media links should be at the end, and you should list both the original link and the archive next to it.
I'd also advise using a lot less spoilers (and spoilers within spoilers), though I understand how they're necessary for condensing all of the minor drama.

Nitpicks aside, it's a very solid thread. I've considered writing one up on Gabbie in the past, though thankfully I never bothered. There's far too much info I would have overlooked, and the thread would have mostly referenced the commentary videos about her awful poetry/music or the few memes created at her expense.

My only question now is, would snowflake or trashfire fit better for the thread's prefix?


The Soviet System; Fronting; Chloe's Trust Pilot
Social media links should be at the end, and you should list both the original link and the archive next to it.
I'd also advise using a lot less spoilers (and spoilers within spoilers), though I understand how they're necessary for condensing all of the minor drama.

Nitpicks aside, it's a very solid thread. I've considered writing one up on Gabbie in the past, though thankfully I never bothered. There's far too much info I would have overlooked, and the thread would have mostly referenced the commentary videos about her awful poetry/music or the few memes created at her expense.

Thanks for the feedback - I've removed most of the spoilers within spoilers. I've kept some spoilers to break up her historical bullshit. It was just looking like a wall of text to me, but let me know if it's still too spoiler heavy, and I'll go in again. Added social archives, minus one or two of the sister's socials that won't seem to archive. Just left a live link instead.

My only question now is, would snowflake or trashfire fit better for the thread's prefix?

Tough one - she's got a lot of qualities that could land her in either.

The moment that I saw this picture:
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I knew I would hate this person immensely. Only the biggest of narcissists post shit like this.


Then you'll be disappointed to hear she's done this on more than one occasion.

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Throughout 2020, reviewing Gabbie's poetry book Adultolescence became a popular trend. This book is objectively one of the most retarded excuses for contemporary literature available for purchase and reviews reflected this.

View attachment 2239822View attachment 2239823View attachment 2239832 View attachment 2239826 View attachment 2239825
If these "poems" came from a book written specifically to parody people who release ~totally deep~ poetry books, they'd actually be kind of funny.

But unfortunately they were written by Gabbie Hanna.

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You serious?
She has FIVE siblings? No wonder she's so dramatic and constantly stirs up shit, she probably learned that acting out was the only surefire way of getting attention as a child.

Excellent work on the OP, it was conveniently made on the very day I thought "I wonder if Gabbie Hanna has a thread" after seeing some more of her drama being covered on youtube.

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