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She loves herself. She actually thinks she’s a cute vlogger. The way she talks all valley girl-esque while zipping through the aisles. Name dropping David Dobrik. The way she says “People are staring me sooooo, hi.”

People are staring at you because you’re a 600-lb blob vlogging on a mobility scooter. I mean, has she no shame? Picking up food and gabbing about it while her roles spill over the seat. She should be humiliated! The beeping while she backed the scooter up was the cherry on top.

I wonder how many calories she will consume tomorrow during her “Thanksgiving situation.”


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All the worthless shit she buys...I read a comment on one of her videos and it hit it right on the head: She shops for the life she wants not for the life she has.

This is one of those moments were I actually hate her, because I know -- I just fucking KNOW -- she neither reuses nor recycles those things. One step up from paper plates in the laziness department, and on a par with the rest of her obscene consumption.

Fuck you, AL. You're a blight.


1:32 - how is that mobility scooter able to support all that weight ‽
Our girl weighs more than 2 full sized refrigerators at this point in time ( not joking ) .

They're not actually rated for someone her weight. Then again, they're not supposed to be ridden out into the parking lot to be abandoned either, and that doesn't fucking stop her.

Rate me however you want, but goddamn. The world is going to be an objectively better place when she dies.
I like Becky's "Nathan from South Park" Halloween costume.

Shameless Amberlynn is worst version yet. At least before she pretended that she was somewhat mobile and able to do things. This is boring.
Amber; "I don't want to talk about my weight publicly."

Also Amber; "Gaining weight?"

It's like people who drive back and forth in the left and right lanes for miles.

Bitch, just pick a lane!
Fat Ambert is stupid, but she knows how to hook the rubes. This is all carefully orchestrated to keep people watching, even if only to mock her. She should have no views at all, but she manages to keep the viewers coming back by spreading out content and teasing information. It is probably the only thing the dumb cow is good at. Besides eating and gaining weight. The videos themselves are garbage though.


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
"Beautiful plastic on the inside"

Her "friends" that dont exist sure know how to ask their 600lb friend to eat at that one specific Chinese buffet she loves alot. I think she goes daily and and thinks eating 2 plates instead of 3 is a healthy option.

She shaded Michael on snap and in this video which is funny because reaction channels drum up drama which causes more idiots with no ad block to watch ur channel.