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Its occured to me that the phenomena we've called "Gamergate" is almost three years old.

Now what? Well, Donald Trump is President now, I guess right then and there we can be able to agree that the existence of Gamergate was a sheer failure.

Can all human beings of the world born after the year 1975 please understand? ADDING THE WORD "GATE" NEXT TO SOME OTHER WORD DOESN'T EQUAL "SCANDAL." That was not the point in the heist of the 1972 Democratic Headquarters in Washington DC.
All Gamer Gate really is is some soapbox for modernists to go on about Feminism. Complaining about Lara Croft's breasts being to big. Trying to acheive JUSTICE for all! And hoping if you keep calling Donald Trump a misogynist, it will someday come true.

Gamergate is nothing more than the other side of the unpleasant coin of today's gamin culture. IV Training, and perfect Breeding in Pokemon Games? Useless. Complaining about Meta Knight, Ike, and other "Broken" Super Smash Bros characters? Useless. Gamergate itself? Useless.

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GamerGate rules America and the entire free world now!
We did it reddit!

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