Gamergate III: Rise of the Machines

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Jun 15, 2014
So today my friends i bring you drama

Today in the Overwatch Beta feedback forum some kind of idiot posted a long rant about how a pose of the character Tracer is FUCKING PROBLEMATIC because yadda yadda children yadda yadda

The post in question

everyone was mocking the fucking idiot until the Game Director appeared and well... he gave up and bend his knee


Obviously people are fucking BLANGRY about it and the forum is now full of w33ning and demands of restoring the goddamn pose because they want their goddamn think NOWNOWNOWNOW

This is the pose that hurt the feefees


For more hipocrisy Hanzo has the same pose, and no one say anything about it because he is male


The things in the forum are between I WANT MY FUCKING POSE RIGHT NOW and people saying that if necessary they are going to mod the game to include it

And they are making bets about how long until McCree is axed because he smoke, and how tobjorn is a bad representation of Swedish people

TB resumes this

Like, holy shit, of the two bad guy characters (that I'm aware of, I know they put in a fuckload of new characters a bit back and I didn't bother memorizing them all) is a French woman who effectively got mind raped into murdering her husband and becoming some Sniper Wolf type assassin.

And that's less problematic than Tracer wearing spandex, apparently?

Her retirement fund.

Doesn't that require having an actual job first?

Wow. Both sides are manchildren in it, and I don't know whether I could sympathize with any side on this matter. Sure, the removal of the pose is stupid, but does it fucking matter to the gameplay of Overwatch?

Community wise, it makes me wonder if I should bother with Overwatch when it goes live. Looks fun but if the director of all people is going to bend over backwards for one person who choses to be offended by a victory pose out of three possible options (as opposed to just selecting a different one), I have my doubts.

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Dec 7, 2013
Yeah, this was talked about a bit ago, and I've actually been watching this, mostly out of morbid curiosity to see how it will succeed/fail.

Fun fact - a large chunk of that - $25,000 worth, came from one sponsor who contributed just a couple of days ago- before then, it's been sitting at only 30%-40% funded.

I was actually expecting this to be fully funded weeks ago. Now they're entering their final week. I still think they'll make it, but it's gonna be close.

And if they don't get it, I'm sure they'll blame he usual suspects like Thunderf00t and the faceless phalanx known as Goobergate.
I think some people on KiA were under the impression that donation was from Max Tempkin or Tim Schafer.
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May 25, 2013
I think some people on KiA were under the impression that donation was from Max Tempkin or Tim Schafer.
Or... they could just look it up. Seed and Spark apparently lists every contributor and by how much they give. Some amounts are unknown, but most are listed.

Anyway, the one I was talking about is a Ruth Ann Harnisch, made on March 27 at 6:52. She is the founder of the Harnisch Foundation, found here. Looks like a feminist philanthropist, so no big surprise. Further, I'm not say it's wrong to donate money to something, whatever, but just thought I'd clarify - I'll let the usual folks do the digging and tell us how it's a vast conspiracy and not just rich white people giving each other money to feel about themselves.


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Jun 27, 2014
Probably not. As @Jaimas has said before KiA seems to vacilate between being on point and mindbreaking stupidity on a more or less weekly basis.

This. Gamergate is leaderless, which means you will have periodic appearances by:

* Neo-Reactionary Groups (Think ultra-aggressive anti-progressives who are the same fucking thing as what they admonish)
* Uncle /Pol/ (Pretty much overlap with the first group, reall)
* Alarmists
* /v/ in general
* Bog-standard Gamergate users looking to just stay informed
* Random GGrevolt-backing nutters looking for an excuse to savage prominent Anti-GGers (and GGers they personally don't like)
* Antis trying to false-flag or post false information
* Idiots who post shit from months ago or without context, claiming it says something it doesn't or looking into something without important facts
* This stupid motherfucker

And that's just a sampler.

Despite all its fuckery, however, KIA's surprisingly grounded when it isn't being brain-shatteringly retarded. Alarmist shit is discussed, and, if it turns out to be a hoax or rushed judgment, mocked. KIA's mods have their shit together and generally don't tolerate attacks or false-flag operations.

HG 400


Pretty good documentary mostly but a lot of what they say about gamergate sounds like it came right from the mouth of Brianna Wu.


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Jun 27, 2014

Well, Kiwis, Gamergate came and went, and there was a lot that happened. We've gone through three threads and as the biggest, most overlaying issues of Gamergate are, indeed, over, there's little more to discuss as far as this thread goes. Honestly, other than the tangential links between certain internet spastics and the like, the bulk of GG itself has ended, though the observation branch is in full effect and discussing topics of interest. Thing is, most, if not all of these topics are more relevantly-covered in their own threads, such as ongoing translation scandals or the recent censorship of games because how dare we have butts.

Not joking about that one, but it's more angled towards its own thread.

I legit expected this thread to die off naturally after we had the final Zoe Quinn reveal that indicated she dropped the initial gag order that helped start this entire tomfoolery in the first place. The thread's outlived itself, and it's time it comes to a close.

But because I wanted to let it go out in style, I've decided to get together a sort of "Greatest Hits" segment, summarizing the amusement and autism we saw because of Gamergate. As Dynastia once said, Gamergate (and most assuredly the response to it) is one of the biggest renewable resources for sperging since Sonic the Hedgehog, and it would go remiss to not remember what it brought us.

Anti-GG is an oddity amongst lolcow groups; almost all of its members are interlaced with one another. For the sake of brevity, only cows who have had a thread or are especially relevant to a thread will be covered here.
  1. We have Zoe Quinn who helped kickstart this whole thing. This woman has somehow had more influence than some federal agencies, which is pretty amazing considering her accomplishments include being called rude words on Twitter, fucking powerful people on the indie circuit, and a single pretentious "game" made in Twine that would be laughed at by any but the entitled Hipster douche-fags that will debase themselves for her amusement.Probably best-known for going before the UN with Anita using a report that cited Lynden LaRouche and made the argument that Pokemon was going to teach our children deadly Nintendo-Style Killing Techniques, Quinn also doubled up by trying to vacate her own Order of Protection because she clearly perjured herself to make it happen, meaning Eron Gjoni is not only likely to be exhonorated, but kill attempts like Quinn's to use such orders as Gag Orders in the foreseeable future. As a cow, Quinn hasn't been very productive, but she's created so many cows in her defense that it's kind of hard to not find entertaining.
  2. We have Brianna Wu. Do I even need to fucking say anything? Wu is the Careercow, one responsible for the return of Deagle Nation (HE LIVES IN DEATH!), and responsible for 7 minutes of the fucking funniest television I've ever seen in my entire life. Wu is also responsible for the prominence of Lolcow Wiki, which recently eclipsed SJWiki in terms of viewership. Wu's ongoing madness has been one of the funniest slow-motion train-wrecks to watch because she's essentially Chris with a budget and even less self-awareness.
  3. We have Peter Coffin. I need add nothing else. Coffin is a hilarious fuck-up of the most beautiful kind. He threw down behind Anti-GG because.... Well, fuck if I know, but the guy sang Beta as Fuck unironically, so we can probably write him off for doing it for the same reason Chipman did.
  4. We have Sarah Nyberg, who was such a cow as to span two threads - one for covering the money-embezzling pedophile tranny, and the other for covering the money-embezzling pedophile tranny's apologists, the Pedophile Internet Defense Force (PIDF). Not since Nick Bate has a pedophile been this reviled by the userbase, and Nyberg is especially easy to despise. Nothing like incest to made pedophilia even creepier.
  5. We have Chloe Sagal, who tried to extort money out of Brianna Wu, was part of a background scandal that unearthed more malfeasance in the indie games press (in Destructoid), and who went on to have one of the most surreal threads we've had here, since it led to us meeting Rani Bakr, who wasn't as much of a lolcow but seriously was not helped by being associated with someone like Chloe. Just don't mock Chloe, or she might threaten suicide for the 4.3 trillionth time.
  6. We have Bob Chipman, who raged so often on the Escapist after they allowed Gamergate discussion that it attracted the attention of the FTC, leading to the Escapist firing his ass. Because if spergy gamers are allowed to discuss journalistic ethics, then the terrorists have already won.
  7. We have Geordie Tait, who isn't a lolcow, but whose nuclear meltdown was one of the fucking most hilarious things ever written and led to his defense by.....
  8. Arthur Chu, known tranny-chaser, who very bravely attacked a rape victim because a friend of hers was Pro-GG, pretty much exists to stoke Brianna Wu's ego, and who was a suspect in a bomb threat directed towards a GG Meetup after he tweeted "THIS ENDS TONIGHT" on a public post, because he's a real masterclass. Pretty much everyone suspects he's a sexual deviant.
  9. We have Carolyn Petit, the infamous crazy tranny who got fired for low-scoring GTAV for "supporting White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy" and is responsible for what is, unambiguously, the single most-autistic thing I have ever read. Looks disturbingly like Stefonknee, just because this one wasn't horrifying enough.
  10. We have Ryulong, whose autism over Gamergate was what led to him being permabanned from Wikipedia. Not content to fail just once, Ryulong then did the same thing at Rationalwiki, where he suspected that their pre-existing insane anti-GG bias would make him a perfect fit. Suffice to say Ryulong acted the same way he always did and got banned again, and Kiwi attack squads led by Dynastia proceeded to accost RationalWiki and after a surprisingly short siege, left the site in ruins. A glorious day for the entire internet and it all got started because of Gamergate.
  11. We have Dan Olson, whose exploits are too short for an actual thread but basically was an Anti-GG cheerleader when this shit first began. In addition to his Foldable Ideas series, which was deemed the single least entertaining show on Channel Awesome by several in which he accused Gamergate of "terrorism" and repeatedly claimed minority and female dissenters to the Anti-GG narrative didn't exist, Dan Olson had the common sense to throw his lot in with Laurelai Bailey, who we're currently covering and planted child porn on 8chan. And got caught for it. It would later also come out that Laurelai is a repeat-offender rapist. Olson's show failed, Chez Apocalypse has been down for months, and he operates entirely out of his youtube channel now, where he has a fraction of the viewership he once did. His GG attack video is the single-most-watched thing he's ever had, whilst Sargon of Akkad's mocking the logic holes it has has roughly ten times its number of views.
  12. We have Gamerghazi, which @Alan Pardew encapsulated perfectly in one post.
  13. We have Alison Rapp, a hardline Anti-GGer, friend of Sarah Nyberg, and Nintendo of America employee who thought that arguing for lowering ages of consent and raging about pedophiles being busted for Child Porn ownership was a problem, and has responded to the controversy by spending (as of so far) over a month on vacation with no sign of ever coming back. As a pedo white knight, you may be surprised to learn that she's also known for having one of the worst threads on this entire forum due to several individuals repeatedly dragging shit off course because some people are apparently more Autistic than Chris.
  14. We have Colby Klaus, the single most depressing Anti-GGer we've ever covered. Such a hardliner that he got banned from Gamerghazi, which should tell you everything you need to know, but it somehow gets worse than that; Klaus is a sad, sad little man, unemployed and desperate for recognition he will ever get. It's rare that anyone here ever feels legitimately sorry for a lolcow, but this guy comes close.
  15. And finally last, but certainly not least, we have Dina Abou Karam, a delusional sociopath who single-handedly cost Mighty No. 9 hundreds of thousands of dollars due to her Gamergate opposition and may have helped torpedo the entire project. Only got the job because she was fucking a project lead, and caused the project additional harm in her departure. Arguably the stupidest decision Comcept made that wasn't Red Ash.

Pro-GG isn't impervious to lolcowery either, but it has much less and much less productive cows. Nonetheless, they've been some wildly entertaining ones. Here's a few greats.
  1. First, we have Wulfgar Heltzger, also known as Lord Balderdash and Sir Wulfington, who was so productive a cow that he got multiple threads. Pro-GG cows of this productivity are extremely rare, and to be savored; Wulfington went the distance by having a complete bitch-out and meltdown because Dynastia and several others mocked him. It was fucking hilarious, and IMHO one of the cows of the year.
  2. Next up we have GGRevolt, a group that was formed by Anti-GGers to try to redirect the spergiest of GG supporters into serving their end, which assholes like Wulfgar cheerfully enabled. Unfortunately the usual law of "just pretending to be retarded" applied and it wound up resoundingly hated by pretty much everyone in Gamergate, especially when they repeatedly began attacking prominent GG supporters.
  3. For every unwitting idiot like Wulfgar, however, there's also someone who's on-board with it and has gotten mocked for it, like Ethan Ralph. Ralph alternated between being informative and genuinely interesting at Gamergate's outset, only to drop everything and focus on mocking the professional victims unit for the GGRevolt crowd when Gamergate ignored them in favor of that pesky "getting shit done" thing. For someone we've covered, Ralph has been comparatively chill, raising some questions over his lolcow status, but the spectre of some of his earlier sperg-outs and explosions against absurdist game critic Bro Team Pill loom large.
  4. Finally we have the assholes who think they can be the Sarah Nyberg of the Pro-GG side of the equation, in this case our own Homer Beoulve. Homer was notable early on for being periodically informative, which was rare for the guy at the time. This would not last, and he inevitably lost his shit, sided with the likes of Marijan, and wound up getting himself banned from Twitter for fighting with Brianna Wu's supporters.
And here, in short-form one again: Gamergate In Four Spoilers:

A bunch of indie press spergs tried to quash a burgeoning story critical of a mutual friend of theirs that several were financially supporting after it became clear she was implicated in a scandal. The Streisand Effect made it blow up and Social Justice operatives friendly with these mungs proceeded to use every trick at their disposal to quash discussion of it. It didn't work, and soonafter Milo Yiannopolous exposed the Game Journo Pros list, confirming the culpability of said journalists in attempts to silence discussion. Rather than fess up, a dozen allegedly-competing websites run the same article, citing the same sources on the same day, essentially confirming the accusation.

Gamergate as we know it was born.

GG opposition proceeded to go nuclear trying to stop this, label it harassment, et al whilst simultaneously sperging harder than any GGer was remotely capable of. Streisand Effect ensures these fail gloriously and have the exact opposite effect. The same accused groups from the initial barrage are proven to have numerous other conflicts-of-interest and are microtargeted by GG for boycotts. A few GG commentators flounce in ways hard enough to be called faggots by an eloquent British man. Moot is revealed to have been directly involved with an attempt to "clean up" 4chan to sell it; 4chan's userbase ensures this attempt fails.

Jack Thompson comes out as pro-GG; Atheists momentarily take pause to confirm the world has not ended.

Brianna Wu comes to the public eye; becomes an immediate crowd favorite lolcow due to the fact that she makes Chris look capable by comparison. Wu makes an elaborate song and dance about being forced from her home; this is disproven by amateur detectives who put together the hilarious pieces and understand that Wu does all her skype interviews from her home office. Zoe Quinn makes friends with Anita Sarkeesian, and they become partners in crime. GG makes a bunch of vile, despicable shitheads emerge from the woodwork in its opposition; Sarah Nyberg, Arthur Chu, and more show up and make asses of themselves and generally act like shitheads. Things like the Allistair Pinsof scandal and IGF scandals come to light, as does Quinn's attempt to shut down the Fine Young Capitalists, a feminist charity group. Gamergate supporters on /v/ and /pol/ crowdfund the dividend and ensure the project succeeds, leading to the creation of Vivian James, a character for the FYC game Afterlife Empire.

Developers start coming out, under the cloak of anonymity, to support Gamergate. More and more people begin to support GG, less because of anything specific GG has done correctly, and mostly because the other side is bug-fuck insane and refuses to ever cite facts beyond HARASSMENT! MISOGYNY! TRANSPHOBIA! This, paired with GG's general ability to keep a coherent argument going and having those pesky "facts" things on their side leads people to the correct conclusion that Antis are out of their fucking minds. This is later proved prescient when the Geordie Tait incident occurs and Arthur Chu declares it "not a big deal."

GG boycotts are starting to inflict damage; Gawker is having difficulty keeping ads up before the Internet Autism Machine starts contacting advertisers. Various GG opponents curiously begin rage-quitting their jobs, or so it seems; quickly it becomes apparent that they're being canned because their nuclear GG opposition is attracting the FTC and possible conflict-of-interest investigations, leading to Jim Sterling quietly leaving The Escapist and Bob Chipman eventually being fired. Joystiq, already weak and on life support, dies under attacks from the Internet Autism Machine as its handlers cut their losses. Leigh Alexander and Ben Kuchera leave their jobs for new ones, Kuchera essentially rage-quitting games journalism entirely. The internet cheers.

Homer self-destructs. Sir Wulfington has a massive sperg-out and tries to attack Dynastia; this is widely regarded as fukken hilarious.

Margaret Pless SWATs Mike Cernovich, Eron Gjoni's lawyer, after he publicizes Zoe Quinn's actual name (Chelsea Van Valkenburg) and numerous aliases.

Brianna Wu blames Gamergate for killing her dog before it's revealed that she left it alone to freeze to death then tried to publicize a pet's death for media attention. Brianna Wu then chases this with the Jace Connors incident, and history is made. Antis become apoplectic when Steam unveils a new returns policy. Despite extra videos and constant media attention, including several documentaries (by the usual suspects), Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn rapidly begin to lose relevance and increasingly rely on the Brianna Wu method of self-victimhood to keep the base engaged. This is enough to help them for now, but it leads to them changing from readily having mainstream press attention to nobody giving a shit.

By this point, a cycle has occurred, over and over: Some neutral gets attacked by the Antis, and becomes a GG supporter. This is how Gamergate acquired Mark Kern, and later, how it would somehow get the backing of Richard Dawkins, William Shatner, and Anne Rice. Randi Harper's GGautoblocker turns out to be a major weak-point of the Antis as it shows them to be openly for silencing views even tangentially opposed to their own. More documentaries and books claiming to cover GG from the Anti standpoint emerge; they all systemically fail and are mocked.

Gawker by its own admissions has lost over a million dollars due to GG's boycotts; analysis by numberfags on the chans indicate the damage is substantially higher. Gawker is beginning to slide downwards, and it becomes apparent that Hulk Hogan's lawsuit may kill the company entirely. Gawker tries to play itself off as being just fine, but it starts quietly killing off some of its branches to save cash.

Margaret Pless makes multiple attempts to tie GG to mass shootings multiple times.

Chris Kluwe gets his ass fucked in a debate with Mercedes Carrera, who is no stranger to anal.

Multiple Gamergate meetups happen, each one of which gets a bomb threat from the Antis. One of these threats happened clearly from a third-party troll after Arthur Chu stupidly made his "THIS ENDS TONIGHT" statement about GGinDC. Ryulong gets thrown off Wikipedia; there is much lulz. He goes to RationalWiki, where he proceeds to metastasize like an autistic tumor.

Brianna Wu's Lolcow Wiki article goes up. It goes on to be cited by multiple discussions covering Wu, and hilariously, is later used by Anti-GGers when Wu eventually becomes haram (see Fourth Quarter). She misses multiple windows for the Steam version of her shitty game. She is later thrown off Gamerghazi because of her ongoing bans of anyone who defies her. She is not missed.

Zoe Quinn attempts to vacate her restraining order against Eron Gjoni when it becomes clear his fighting it is going to be successful, likely to avoid perjuring herself. Whatever her reason, her attempt to vacate the order means she knew it to be bullshit.

Randi "Randwhale" Harper is harpooned by Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopolous, who has sufficient content to cover her history of attacking people for three full articles, essentially vetting many of ED's reports.

/ggrevolt/, a notorious community that's been trying to get GGers to openly attack certain Antis, is proven to be an Anti-GG honeypot. It succeeded at getting a few retards ensnared in it (Wulfington most notably), but otherwise was a failure like pretty much every other Anti attempt at counter-operative action.

The SPJ Airplay saga begins, in which the Society for Professional Journalists discusses Gamergate with a few major figures in it. At this point the myth that GG is entirely about attacking women, already on life support, dies, and the internet is richer for its loss, though the Antis continue to bitch.

The Pedophile Internet Defense Force (PIDF) takes flight to defend Sarah Nyberg as our own beloved @le0pirat3 brings to light her history of sharing CP and creeping over her cousin. The solidarity leads to hilarious blasts from Salon about how Pedophilia should be normalized, making left-wingers across the globe shake their heads in disgust that Rush Limbaugh was right about something (in that there would be those in the left normalizing pedophilia). A Cracked Writer responds to the controversy of Sarah being a pedo by sending her pictures of his daughter. Father of the year pretends to see nothing wrong with this when he recieves a deluge of criticism for this. More and more Antis are shown to have ties to pedophilia, including Izzy Galvez, who has friends on Kiwi operatives later reveal that Virped's statement of being Virtuous Pedophiles is a sham and people there outright attempt to groom kids. This comes to a head when Feminist Frequency's moderator for twitch is shown to be a convicted sex offender. Sarah tries to deflect by claiming to be a teenage edgelord, but this is immediately mocked.

The DOAX3 scandal happens.

With the success of the boycotts and SPJ, Gamergate's offensive arm starts to wind down. Most of it becomes watchdog, though the Internet Autism Machine remains ever-vigilant, and if needed, will emerge to sperg and boycott once more. Additional boycotts target other Anti-focused sites and Gawker affiliates to throw them anvils whilst they're sinking; this succeeds in killing off Valleywag.

Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian go to the UN Women conference to discuss cyberviolence. The entire shit-show boils down to professional victims whining because they're being criticized. The report they cite is so riddled with flaws that it's hilarious, citing visionaries like Lydon LaRouche and explaining that Pokemon will teach you deadly Nintendo-Style Killing Techniques. This immediately makes an enemy of the saner parts of the left, who immediately realize these morons represent a threat to online discourse.

Randi Harper ragequits FreeBSD after failing to get her way. She is not missed. She and Margaret Pless turn on one another; the once mighty unified front of the Anti-GGers is broken, and we will reap a river of salt.

Brianna Wu is excommunicated by the Antis for supporting Capitalism. Hilarity ensues.

Attempts to provoke Ryulong lead to the single greatest thread of 2015, in which @Dynastia manages to, with other agitators from the Farms and indeed co-conspirators on RationalWiki, trigger an entire website. The entire debacle exposes RationalWiki for being even more useless than Conservapedia, and within 2 weeks, the Farms has managed to bring an entire community to its knees. Massive lulz were had and it quickly becomes apparent just how involved Team Ryulong was in that website's circling the abyss.

Randi Harper leaves FreeBSD in disgrace after failing to get a COC in place to protect her and her buddies.

Leigh Alexander's Offworld site fails utterly; Alexander leaves journalism forever (tm).

Zoe Quinn attempts to vacate her initial restraining order against Eron Gjoni because it's apparent she perjured herself. At first it looks like she'll fight the case hard to stall out Gjoni but this fails when Quinn's latest sugar daddy cuts her off and it looks increasingly like Gjoni will score a major win against Orders of Protection being used as de facto gag orders.

Hulk Hogan wins his lawsuit. Because of Gamergate demolishing Gawker's ability to attract advertisers, this has not been a good year for the clickbait journalism hub. Hogan now essentially owns Gawker Media. Anti-GGers across the board weep tears of rage and hate. Kiwis make jokes about being a real American.

Interest in Brianna Wu pushes Lolcow Wiki to become more popular than SJWiki. Wu's ongoing attempt to sensationalize herself leads to the return of Deagle Nation, and this fucking masterpiece:

You've been a hell of a thing, Gamergate. God bless, and thank you for giving us so many cows that we'll be mocking for years to come.
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