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Diseased GamerGateAutistic MRA manchildren and the twitter feminists who love them

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Dynastia, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Ass eating cunt

    Ass eating cunt Actually Taylor Swift

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  1. I looked through their blog and searched up Bayonetta in there tags, hardly anything of the best girl. Instead he only reblogs Babyfaced big titted abominations. There's also a lot of salt on gay people, of course there is. He unironically rebloged these photos
    c8a6b08b-6e4c-4b1e-a61b-14a8b8675eec.png abb87d39-8bc1-4da5-8857-783776b1c16c.png 0eba5e0e-f7f9-49e0-9862-9bd4895903be.png a95a45f6-b730-4259-9c6e-d8ade3edb5f6.png 08d1c23a-4ee0-43a0-862e-5f6c753b7d1b.png 4b688355-4857-4682-95fb-2dd09c24c43e.png 0d109a99-1d11-4c4d-b034-3363571dd4e5.png bff80526-6887-45e4-b9b1-07913188bdc0.png
    All in all, it really goes to show that you could make an movement about masturbation and feeling more supperior than you are
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    Ass eating cunt

    Ass eating cunt Actually Taylor Swift

  2. Allegations are being put up against @HopeStillFlies (twitter handler)

    IMC: It would appear that the user @HopeStillFlies is a pedophile and convicted child sex offender who has been masquerading as one of his victims. Odd.

    Also some more information. During Shadbase getting called out for making child pornography based on real children, this person tried to debate anyone online on behalf of Shadbase claiming that an Ahego face can come from more than just sex (like really good tasting fruit). I thought it was weird they were really standing up for Shadbase during that controversy.


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  3. Ian Miles Cheong wrote an article on this:

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  4. Amazing how there are so many pedophiles in the anti-gg sphere. Of course, the amount of defense they get is even more surprising.
  5. @Apoth42 I think it's pretty neat that the gg people in most part kinda tossed that dude out when he was exposed as a pedo larping as a teenage lesbian he may have molested(?) in the past.
  6. This is still going?
  7. GG has left an imprint on sone even after it died. One has tag about gamers is getting some spergs thinking its some GG front because some pro-GG guy started it. And recently, some guy related to it as been outted as a pedo.
    Tl;dr never underestimate :autism:.
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    c-no Cheeki Chrissy

  8. Yes.
    It will live on as greatest turning point in history of mankind to a whole bunch of clingy opportunists who hadn't achieved anything else in life, and it will forever remain an overrated boogeyman game journalists will scare their kids and readers with. Also many of prominent pro or anti gamergate personalities still remain more or less prominent online, tied to the hashtag even if they don't bring it up anymore.

    It's not really "going" as the momentum is long dead, but it still somehow delivers fun developments to this day.
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  9. Really??? hold on...

    omg why


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  10. A GamerGate pedophile has been exposed as stated up thread, but its woefully lacking in detail so here I go.
    HopeStillFlies / "Hope McKenna" / Phydeaux / Felonious Monk / Donovan Osaya
    Real Name: Jonathan Thomas Warden

    Current reactions

    ED Page

    The pastebin that kicked it all off

    edit: lol look at this autistic hot take

    Anthony should be ashamed for unironically using the term "ethics cuck", "GG+", and blaming all pedophile protection on your ideological opposition.

    If you read this, Anthony, you are the cuck. Ideology Cuck.
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  11. Looks like we have a pedobear in GG. lol

    LMR365 Nicolas Cage holding a birthday cake.

  12. In relation to this, it won't be long for some spergs to think this could be some false flag catfishing. One twitter account has at least made a couple takes on this:

    Gamejournlit shows a screenshot of someone thinking this is a conspiracy.

    Gamejournolit shows some of the shit Hopestillflies in terms of images in tweets.

    All this said, can't wait for hanger-ons from the anti-side to sperg harder on how GG is evil because of one pedo to go with thinking neckbeard gaming nerds were a front of the alt-right.

    c-no Cheeki Chrissy

  13. You have be on the right side of history to be able to diddle kids. It's the rules!
  14. Fuck me sideways, I knew this cocksucker.

    I had no damn clue who the hell they were behind the Hope McKenna name though.

    I do know that they can burn in Hell for molesting children and that if asked,I'll admit I shitposted on GNU Social with this dickhead at one point, having no fucking clue who they really were.

    But now that I know, fuck that kiddy diddler.
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  15. Some neckbearded fedora sped sperged about Richard Dawkins and how Gamergate/Alison Rapp made him chimp out at his :neckbeard: idol.
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  16. Why do internet atheists always turn out to be pompous exceptional individuals.

    lol at having to read the work of pseudo intellectuals like Dawkins in order to describe being an atheist in a "coherent" manner. What he actually means by this is that he needed the smug sense of elation from feeling superior to religious people and the skeptics' books were like ego porn for him.

    And that drive for moral superiority led him down the path to being an SJW.
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