Games are the new battleground state -

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TL ; DR: GOOBERGUNT is my Vietnam and fuck Drumphth and his Gnatzee incel-gamer-virgin-manchild-pissbaby goons. MY FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT.

Guy looks like the textbook pedophile stereotype. Bad comb-over, sallow skin, balding, glasses. All he's missing is the tasteless pencil thin mustache. He looks like the kind of guy that legally can't go near the toy aisle, let alone be playing a children's game like Animal Crossing.

Also the fact that Sleepy Creepy Joe and da Hoe are campaigning in Animal Crossing instead of the battleground states they need is just sad. Even ¡JEB! managed to campaign more effectively than them.


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I like how the writer of the article has a profile pic that makes him look like a convicted sex offender.
yeah, "make him look like"...

What the fuck is it with these people and Disneyland?
Parks are fun, rollercoaster, shows, those shipswings, not being judged for drinking beer in daylight...
a smaller park near by has an adult only saturday once a month, its magical....

I preferred when it was right wing lunatics trying to cancel video games in the name of baby Jesus.
they never bothered anybody. stupid SJWs made the meme sections on all the hoi4 discords go away....


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They're STILL angry about that? STILL?

Jesus fucking christ. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it.
I'm just going to link to my autism-post, and this will explain why.

The short story is they will never shut up about it because it's part of maintaining churn-rebellion.

They are operating a hydra-like media machine, where the messaging has to be reiterated ad-nauseum. On the face of it, it seems like childish bitching, but the attack has two flanks:

Destroy the existing gaming industry: Absolutely trash it, they will work and needle to completely bury it in an ever-revolving set of criteria: Feminism, Soclialism, Racialism, Culturalism, Marxism and so on, their post-modernist tendencies allow them to pave the way for ever more increasingly absurd concepts, ideas and frames of attack. completely fluid, ever evolving until the entire industry collapses under the weight of the exploit.

Build a low barrier-to-entry replacement:
They have legions of low-effort, low-time-preference human assets waiting in the wings, when you can destroy what makes a good game, you are free to begin to flood the market with your propaganda games.

What is a better use of your soros bux? Make 1 big budget title that is good? Or make a million low quality ham-fisted garbage games all saying the same thing? They need to build the hydra, so they will opt for the ability to consistently pump out low quality propaganda.

These people don't actually like games, they want you in the ranks of the troon-platoon and they will destroy every last bit of everything you hold dear to make it happen. It's about time we stop falling for it.