Games on Steam you recommend -

Got a "classic" survival horror game for y'all; think RE4 but slightly worse and it's on a russian boat.

If you want some cheesy fun, try this one on for size; it's like an 80's action movie on the quake 2 engine. It even comes with a really good expansion pack too! (plus a remake in the works by 3D "motherfucking" Realms)

Also, obligatory shilling for random game I fucking love: F.E.A.R. Get that shit at ANY chance you get; it's a perfect representation of John Woo shootouts in FPS format, and a big inspiration for a project I'm working on. Buy it on GOG tho, cuz otherwise if you get it on steam you are forced to get the kinda OK F.E.A.R 2 and fucking trash F.E.A.R 3. Also, it's like 50 odd bucks.

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Small Indie games worth Supporting:
Derail Valley. Train Simulator but affordable and it's fun. Has both VR and Non-VR Support. Devs seem pretty tightnit with their community and games looking to get a major overhaul and update come April of this year.

Darkwood. Top down horror game with a heavy emphasis on auditory scares to push a psychological horror vibe. Dev also at one point personally uploaded the game to torrenting sites to help promote it due to his low marketing budget. Turned out to benefit him greatly.

Angels Fall First. Made in the old UE3 engine, it's a fun Sci-fi FPS that allows you to combat the enmy on foot, in tanks, by air and in space. Great if you have some buds and a good LAN setup for a overnight LAN party.

Dear Esther. Walking Sim (probably one of the first big named ones), but does a great job reminding you just how empty and cold the world can be while telling a emotionally moving story.

The Talos Principle. A mix between the old Myst games and Portal. Have a detached and surral vibe to the whole thing with it using ancient history, mythology and future tech to have the player solve interesting puzzles.

Genital Jousting. You can be a dick, or you can BE a dick. Take your prick, it's up in the air really.
Fun nonsensical little party game. Probably not that great right now (unless you have a really fucked up family that has a sense of humor), but you can play its single player mode too.

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Neo Scavenger:
An unforgiving roguelike survival game in roughly the same format as Project Zomboid.



Heretic Operative:
Effectively a single player boardgame, a fun indie worth grabbing, espcially if it's on sale. It can be frustratingly hard, even on normal difficulty.

Mount Your Friends:
Competitive multiplayer QWOP with helicopter dick physics.

Twenty bucks might seem like a lot for a game released in 2004, but it's worth it. I suggest getting the unofficial patch, last updated February 2020. VtMB had a buggy release due to being rushed, but the devs and fans came together to repair and polish the game. The plus version of the patch adds content that the devs didn't originally have time to finish. Also, don't play as a Malkavian on your first playthrough. Their curse/insight cannot be fully appreciated unless you've done at least one playthrough with another clan. There's 7 clans to choose from, so plenty of replay value!



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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
I just came across this game a few days ago and it's already soaked up 20 hours of my week. It's a city builder set in the 1950-1980's era Soviet Union, and puts you in charge of a planned economy. It's pretty detailed, down to (optionally) individual vehicles tracking their exact fuel levels and refueling requirements and energy production for buildings and facilities, and building individual footpaths between residential blocs and nearby bus stops, entertainment and shopping. Resource production is done in chains (mine raw coal, feed into coal processing, feed into distribution point, feed to coal power plant and sell the remainder, etc.), with resources either being hauled by vehicles or trains or moved via conveyor belt systems. Construction offices oversee and manage construction projects, coordinating resource collection and delivery to work sites.

You build roads and rail networks to move things (and people) around; vehicle and rail traffic moves (from what I can tell) exclusively by your designation of routes and stops, at least up until you start producing (or importing) private vehicles for your citizens to buy. You can import everything your city needs (essential at the start when you're building from scratch -- a coal power plant needs coal but you need a coal mine and processing facility to get coal, but they need power to run...), but the goal is to become self-sufficient and profitable (for the Fatherland, of course).

And there's a sandbox mode too if you want to build to your heart's content without worrying about that pesky capitalist pig "money" garbage.

It's early access, but not not very buggy so far (I've only had one crash, but it autosaves, so no big loss), though it's definitely got a classic eurojank feel to it. The music is fucking fantastic. It runs smooth as butter, 60 FPS, at 4K on my Ryzen 7 2700X and GTX 1080 Ti at maxed out quality settings.


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I'll divide it by genre:
Nuclear Throne: Fast-paced top-down rougelike with distinct characters, lots of upgrades, and lots of content. Runs can potentially go forever, becoming harder each time around.

Enter the Gungeon: Like Nuclear Throne, but with a better artstyle and way more weapons to choose from. I think it's more fun than Nuclear Throne, and it has more of a plot.

Celeste: Climb a mountain using nothing but the abilities to run, jump, climb, and dash. Meet interesting characters along the way and get invested in the protagonist. Surprisingly challenging with a lot more content than you'd think, especially with multiple versions of levels.

La-Mulana: An archeology-themed game where you play as not-Indiana Jones. Descend into the ruins to rescue (and show up) your father, and save the human race in the process. Some regard this one as too challenging because of the riddles.

La-Mulana 2: Similar gameplay and story to the first one, just this time you're playing as not-Indiana Jones's daughter. I don't like this one as much because it's more linear than the first, but it's still good.

Hollow Knight: Gorgeous and engrossing. It's the best-looking game on this list, and it has the game mechanics to back it up. You'll lose hours to this one, I guarantee it.

Gato Roboto: Short, monochrome Metroid homage. You play as both a cat and a cat in a mech suit. What more information do you need?

Axiom Verge: The most Metroid-like game on this list. Get stranded on an alien world, and fight your way out. It's not the best looking game, and its difficulty curve is a little unbalanced compared to others on this list, but it's still good.
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Two of my favorite games. Both can be brutal for new players, but are worth figuring out.

Currently under $10 on steam

Not on steam but always freefiddy
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