Games that need a sequel -


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So many game companies find a money grab and make crazy amounts of sequels and remakes cause "nostalgia"

What games out there deserve a new title or even a continuation if there was a sequel in the past?

For me it has to be Tokyo Jungle. Basically you were able to play as a predator or herbivore in a post human society. Fun and highly addictive. There was a lot of room for improvement so a sequel would be awesome but it's been nearly ten years since it came out so my hopes are pretty much gone


I shot her with the armadillo gun
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Obligatory Pokémon Snap response.
I feel like besides muh nostalgia this would flunk. They should have done this with the augmented reality in the 3DS but probably held back due to Pokemon go


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Blood (1997) not that rushed piece of shit we got in 1998.
A proper sequel really would be nice, especially if Monolith was given the funding and time they needed to make a good one. Blood 2 was broken shit and a youtuber by the name of Civvie 11 gives a good rundown on why the game is shit.
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I still want a proper sequel to Empire Earth. The sequels it did get were watered down and changed around garbage.


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"XIII" that funny stealth-game, stylised like a comic-book. The worst part - Ubisoft ended it on cliffhanger with a fucking "TO BE CONTINUED" and it has been 16 years since.
"X-men Origins: Wolverine". Yeah-yeah, movie license, but it was pretty good and had pottential for a sequel.
"Alan Wake". Well, original wasn't that great, but I want to see the conclusion of the story.
"Sleeping Dogs". That long-suffering "True Crime" sequel that actually made it. Too bad Square Enix decided not to fix all the bad parts in the sequel, but just make some shitty MMO out of it, then scrap that and close the studio.

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