Games that need a sequel -

Ginger Piglet

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Am I allowed to say "Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines," even though it looks like it might actually be getting one?
I'd also be down for a new Orcs Must Die! installment.
I'll believe a sequel to VTMB when I see it.

Also, can has a proper Star Control 3 please? Not that aberration with the puppets.

Prussian Blue

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Little Big Adventure 3. Too much time has probably past since the second so it would most likely suck, but damn I've been waiting for twenty years.


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No One Lives Forever could do with another sequel. But apparently no one exactly knows who owns the IP.
I'd also love more Wing Commander: Privateer games. Hell, I'd even take a Freelancer sequel.
Fuck you, Chris Roberts.

literally heard so many people want a sequel to half life 2 it became memed. but when are we gonna get left 4 dead 3 or portal 3?
We'll get Ricochet 2 first.

The Shadow

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Shinobi 4 would probably make me happy. A new 3D Ecco the Dolphin could be cool.

Would love a new module-friendly D&D game like NWN, too.
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Most of my choices fall into the realm of "Ain't gonna happen because the relevant development teams don't exist anymore," but fuck it.

Dead Space 4 - The continuing adventures of Isaac Clarke's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Existence. But EA happened. So Fuck you, EA.

The Saboteur 2 - The first was like Sin City meets Hitman meets Just Cause. And of course it was EA so the dev team was shitcanned the week before it came out because fuck you EA. Again.

Killer 7 - The first one was absolutely brilliant, but if we're being honest asking for a sequel to this to be anywhere near as brilliant is about as likely as ADL joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but one can dream.
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The Last Stand
No one said Bully yet....
Bully. I'd love a Bully sequel, but knowing R*'s current business model from GTA Online and Red Dead Online, they likely would tard cum it for all they have.

Same with EA and Skate 4. Loot boxes, glitches galore, and offensive marketing.

Mafia as well would've make a good, niche series a la Metro.

Krokodil Overdose

I'll believe a sequel to VTMB when I see it.
Paradox owns the rights now, so it's not like it's languishing in the lonely hell of Troika's receivership. This is being hyped as a trailer for a new V: tM game:

But, yes, you're right, game development: it's not a real product until it's on the shelf.

I need Freespace 3 so I can be bad at dogfighting in space again. No other space sim or shooter came even near the mark for me, neither with worldbuilding, gameplay or how logical the combat model itself is.
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A proper sequel really would be nice, especially if Monolith was given the funding and time they needed to make a good one. Blood 2 was broken shit and a youtuber by the name of Civvie 11 gives a good rundown on why the game is shit.
You also follow Civvie 11? Neat.

But yeah, Blood 2 was a disgrace and a helluva wasted opportunity. I don't know if I want a sequel with the modern perception of FPSs in mind, they're all multi-player garbage or linear pieces of shit but the IP deserves a proper sequel.

What I would like to see is a proper continuation of Crusader: No Regret. It's one of those games that kept kicking my ass when I was a kid but I came back to it over and over.


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The Saboteur 2 - The first was like Sin City meets Hitman meets Just Cause. And of course it was EA so the dev team was shitcanned the week before it came out because fuck you EA. Again.
Well more like because EA had 'em rush out the game and it kinda does show when you play it, hell Saboteur was supposed to have a DLC that never came out.

"Sleeping Dogs". That long-suffering "True Crime" sequel that actually made it. Too bad Square Enix decided not to fix all the bad parts in the sequel, but just make some shitty MMO out of it, then scrap that and close the studio.
Funny thing I believe that Square wasn't even behind making the MMO, it was the studio itself who made it. Because Square weren't interested in funding a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

Speaking of Pandemic!

Mercenaries 3 - I really enjoyed the 1st game and the 2nd was somewhat decent (but like the Saboteur rushed out the door), the saddest thing there almost was a 3rd game but it pretty much never happened.

Freedom Fighters 2 - First game was quite dumb, but really enjoyed it. The creators did mention a sequel several times but it sadly kinda was forgotten.

S.W.I.N.E. 2 - Doubt anyone played this, but it was a fun RTS about anthro rabbits and pigs fighting each other in a sort off WW2 setting.

The Sting 2 - The first game was basically a sort of RTS where you planned heists in a more cartoony type setting. Very fun game.

Psi - Ops 2 - Third person shooter that allows you to use psychic powers. Control wise it was somewhat clunky, but damn it was fun as hell.

Death to Spies 3 - The 1st and 2nd game were essentially Hitman in WW2, but made by a Russian developer and they were really sweet. There was a "supposed" sequel which was really shitty despite 'em using some concepts they originally had for Death to Spies 3.
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Seconding a lot of choices on here.

Saboteur 2: The first was an overlooked gem. Too bad EA has abandoned it like a baby on prom night.

Actraiser 3: I hated the second for taking out the world building and bringing in the dumb flying/sword/shield fighting. Make it more like the first and you've got a deal.

Bully 2: Such a fun game. I'd love to see what happened after Gary got his ass kicked and expelled.

Brutal Legend II: Take out the shoehorned in tower defense stuff, and I'm all in.

The Darkness 3: Didn't play the first, but I rented the second on a whim and loved it. So i'd be all for another game with Jackie and his shadow imps.

As for my own nominations, I'd blow up a bus full of nuns and orphans to get sequels to Alpha Protocol, SoulBlazer, Shadowrun, LA Noire, Shatterhand, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Shadow of the Ninja, Cybernator, Illusion of Gaia, Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest, Dante's Inferno, and an actual Phantasy Star V, not more of that PS Online garbage.

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