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Kingdom of Amalur
I really liked Amalur for its ridiculous combat and colourful fantasy comic come to life aesthetic but I do felt that it kinda dragged a lot. There was a lot of busywork quests in the opening areas and lots of backtracking for no reason, I felt. That, and not enough "interesting" (i.e. with branching paths) dungeons or quests.

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Freedom Fighters 2 - First game was quite dumb, but really enjoyed it. The creators did mention a sequel several times but it sadly kinda was forgotten.
I second that. I wanted to know what'll happen next. Damn cliffhangers.

-Advent Rising 2 & 3: The game ended on a cliffhanger after you got stranded on some ice ball. The game was originally supposed to make a trilogy and somehow it never happened. If they are to make a sequel, bring back Orson Scott Card to write the story.
-Homeworld 3: Since Gearbox has the franchise, not sure how it'll happen or if at all. But, story with the same feel as the original for fucks sake.
-Jade Empire 2: Fucking loved that game on the original Xbox. Since BioWare is now a disheveled corpse, not gonna happen at all. Damn it.


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Part of me is curious about what "Rockstar's The Darkness 3" would like like. It'd never fucking happen, but it'd be fuckin' neat. Here's a "not exceptional" idea: A Platinum/Eidos Montreal collab on a new Legacy of Kain game. But not Dead Sun. Sorry Dead Sun army, but that game barely even resembled Kain, it honestly should've just been an original IP

Sly 5, kind just want it wrapped up with both 3 and 4 ending with cliffhangers.
God Hand 2, honestly would be find for another game that just uses the gameplay of it however would prefer a sequel as I also liked the personality of the game.
Metal Gear Rising 2, with Kojima gone I don't want more MGS games but MGR can work without him,
Ape Escape 4, would even take a remake of 1, just want more of the classic Ape Escape gameplay.
Viva Piñata 3, on the 360 the max garden was too small due to 360's limitations however with the xbone or the next gen xbox this wouldn't be an issue anymore.
Pikmin 4, what's taking so long Nintendo
A real Beyond Good & Evil 2 with that online only shit and is a sequel not a prequel
Klonoa 3, even a hd remaster of the 1st two would be nice
Tokyo Jungle 2, just make it not look graphically awful this time and all is golden
NiGHTS 3, Wii game was meh and missguided, just make it a short arcade like game like the first one with no motion controls.
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Season 2, shame that it was canceled with Season 1 leaving so much shit open
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How about a proper Longest Journey 2? Forget that Dreamfall nonsense, that's a sequel in name only really and killing off April Ryan at the end of it felt like torching the franchise and running.
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Sly 5, kind just want it wrapped up with both 3 and 4 ending with cliffhangers.
Yes to this. I love the series, and 4 ended with a cliffhanger I want to see resolved in my lifetime.

A real Beyond Good & Evil 2 with that online only shit and is a sequel not a prequel
OMG THIS. I waited this long for a fucking prequel no one asked for? Who needs a game to explain/show that everything was cool and then the Domz invaded? I'd rather see the connection between them and Jade explained, as well as her and Pey'j taking the Domz down.

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Metal Gear Rising 2, with Kojima gone I don't want more MGS games but MGR can work without him,
Seconded. Metal Gear Rising was a fun time, but left some room for improvement in the gameplay department, and a potential sequel could be something truly great if they tightened up the core game. Plus the game left off on a cliffhanger (which is a recurring theme in this thread I'm noticing).

Speaking of Metal Gear spinoffs, I think a sequel/remake to Ghost Babel would be pretty interesting.


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frankly I feel like we need a Devil Survivor 3. Maybe make it a crossover with another franchise... like persona? or mainstream shin megami?


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God Hand 2
the third Kyle Hyde game
Castlevania game based on the war of 1999
Ace Attorney investigations 3
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