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Aquaria, a beautiful exploration / adventure game with innovative mechanics and many puzzle bosses. There is a stinger at the end of the game, but I guess the developer has lost interest in a sequel.


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A proper sequel of Wing Commander that is not always online and a never ending fetching quest (Elite Dangerous lel), a wreck that no one know where is going (Star Citizen) and that doesn't have weird ass mechanics that no one asked

Something like the 3DO wing commander 3 with more branching paths and all that goodness would be nice


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The now-outdated graphics give the game its classic nostalgic 2012 charm, and adds to the eeriness, but I'd like to see the PC game Cry of Fear redone. And I'm aware it's a mod.

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Aquaria, a beautiful exploration / adventure game with innovative mechanics and many puzzle bosses. There is a stinger at the end of the game, but I guess the developer has lost interest in a sequel.
Wasn't there a falling out between the two main people involved or something like that? I'm pretty certain someone had a meltdown, possibly over low sales.

I hate it when games tease a sequel at the end or end on a cliffhanger, a bunch has already been mentioned but Shadowrun on the SNES had the last boss(the dragon) actually say "We will meet again in Shadowrun 2" during the credits. The sequel never happened and it really annoyed me.
It was a nice touch that Shadowrun Returns featured Jake Armitage(the character from the SNES game) and used music from it as the main theme.


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Feel like shit, just want my Space Marine 2 and Imperial Commando.

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I thought this was already a thread?

Others have already said Freedom Fighters could use a sequel, though I have no faith that they could do it well.

Republic Commando ended on a cliff hanger and was a great game.

Parasite Eve. Front Mission. Both are square RPGs that aren't Final Fantasy. Though once again, I have almost no faith they could do them justice these days. Left Alive (a Front Mission spinoff) just came out and it already has mostly negative Steam reviews. But fuck, give me RE2 Remake with magic and exp and I'd be happy.

Resident Evil Outbreak. Not an original answer, but it was an online game that optimised for a hard drive at a time when those things weren't common in consoles. Ahead of it's time and would work great in the age of discord, and games like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 2 Remake show there's still a market for that stuff.

TimeSplitters. This the opposite of Outbreak in that it was the last of the split screen multiplayer party games. I doubt the inherent imbalance would work today, especially online. But can you imagine the salt if they mocked woke reboots and walking simulators? Or how about the games press unironically writing think pieces about how the mission where a cop shoots duck men is too difficult or that the game is transphobic some how.

Wave Race, Blast Corps. I don't buy Nintendo consoles any more, but can you imagine how these would look and play on a modern console? And it's not like there's a bunch of high profile clones eating the market either. There's a few Jet Ski games out there, but none that have made a splash brought down the house anyone cares about.

another For Answer type Armored Core
What made For Answer so different?

LA Noire and make it take place in the LA of Police Quest 4 which took place around the late 80's early 90's, all the events happening around that time with the racial tensions, rise of hard drugs and gang warfare could make for a great sequel. Also as much as a new Gabriel Knight would be a shut up and take my money no Tim Curry would be a hard sell.
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I’d like a true continuation of Tribes 1 & 2. Their engine was fucking superb and it never quite felt right when companies moved to Unreal Engine.


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Metal Arms.

From what I read they had some interesting things planned for the sequels but poor sales and corporate bullshit pretty much killed this series dead.

Damn shame. It was a great game.

Also a proper Klonoa 3 where Klonoa gets the happy ending he deserves would be great.
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Terraria 2. A new foundation made from what is there right now could make it go so much further. Sucks that Terraria Otherworld got cancelled, it looked like a good change.


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Please God deliver unto me a real sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics and not some more storybook, it-was-just-a-dream bullshit on a portable console.
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