Games that pulled off the "*punk" aesthetic well. - inb4 "none of them"

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Jun 18, 2019
Both of the System Shock games and the Neotokyo level of Timesplitters 2 did the cyberpunk style the best.

The music for that Timesplitters 2 level is the best Cyberpunk music ever made.

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Sep 7, 2016
Came here to mention Shadowrun SNES. Terrific atmosphere, terrible combat mechanics. Didn't stop me from playing through it at least three times, though.

Shadowrun Returns doesn't capture the grittiness of the world nearly as well. There's just something about it that makes it feel... I don't know, bland? It's just missing a certain something.

SNES Shadowrun probably benefited from having a color palette of dark greys and browns making everything seem rusty and grimy. The natural environment wasn't just dying, it was already dead. The music was stellar as well.

Quarantine does a pretty good job.
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Locked in a shitty city where crime is rampant and people treat the vehicles like bumper cars.

Redline is a game that is like a fever dream to me, also a car based game, because I often confuse it with Redline Racer that was released at the same time. That one's a sports bike game made by Criterion.

Looking it up I just discovered that Nightdive(new Ultima Underworld, System Shock) re-released it five years ago.

Redline is a vehicle combat and FPS game, very ambitious for something released in 1999 and probably just as ambitiously buggy if I remember it right. The general pain tolerance of looking past PC games that are broken as fuck used to be much higher than it is today.
The setting can be described as "Mad Max". There are cities walled off from the filthy masses living in the wasteland and the player is a wastelander.