Games You Both Love and Hate - When you just aren't sure how you feel

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Oct 29, 2017
Any rpgs that aren't Arpg, i do like them but the grinding feels a lot worse when the fight is static (wait for a bar to fill before choosing an action) or in between (you can move but the fighting is still on a separate screen that the map) since it feels like in those games there's a lot more fighting and grinding seems often to be longer than in ARPGs

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Sep 7, 2016
The physics themselves, while certainly impressive for 1998, have loads of quirks. Objects have a strange tendency to spawn an inch or two above the floor, only to clatter to the ground once Anne touches them. If two objects collide in a way that causes them to become wedged, the resulting physics calculations will crash the game. Since the game is absolutely rife with physics-based puzzles and combat, this can happen quite easily. Even something as innocuous as dragging a box through a doorway or throwing a rock at a raptor can cause a crash. The dinos' movements are also controlled by the physics, and the results are downright comical; they falter and flop around like muppets controlled by a drunk puppeteer. Furthermore, the physics calculations that the game performs constantly, even for basic actions like walking, are incredibly bloated and put such a strain on the CPU that even modern computers have difficulty running it. A typical PC in 1998 was nowhere near beefy enough to run Trespasser at a playable speed.

Agree wholeheartedly with the Trespasser mention.

The thing with the physics is a bit interesting, it's weird, glitchy and crashy as it is. But it was supposed to be more(and not glitchy/crashy). They had loads of smaller objects scattered around the levels, things like cups in offices and other stuff to make the world more realistic and "lived in".
The small physics objects made the physics behave even weirder and the game much, much more glitchy and crashy. But it was under development and things don't work perfectly from day 1, the physics engine will be refined and the bugs will be ironed out. So they made levels with lots of objects like that.
Later on, way past the "it never works from day 1" idea the physics engine was still a mess and the problem persisted. But it could be solved, just iron out the bugs etc.

Then the order came down from above, this is your release date so wrap it up. They scrambled to fix all the bugs, jank and crashes as the day to send the code out to manufacturing/pressing approached. But the physics, the fucking physics... At the last minute they made a decision: we must remove the small physics objects.

They couldn't just delete the resources and be done with it, they had to remove every instance of them from the levels. So they scoured the levels and item by item they deleted every small-ish object in the game by hand just before their deadline. Apparently that's why so many sections seems empty and most physics objects are relatively large. The game was still fucked up but not as fucked up as it could've been.

A contributing factor to all of this was a lack of direct and immediate communication due to a lot of team members working from home and they also had somewhat flexible hours. This made communication slow and inefficient. Minne Driver and Attenborough was really great though, a high-water mark for video games at that time. There's also a really good post-mortem on Gamasutra for anyone interested.

Trespasser also had bump mapped textures, almost the first in games, done in software because no hardware supported that effect. It did a lot of things in software and that's why running it 3d accelerated is pretty shit. A game with a similar problem was Outcast, a really ambitious hate-love game in its own right, it did some truly amazing things graphically that was beyond what graphics cards(they were entirely fixed function at the time) could do. They eventually released a patch so the game would support 3d acceleration and it, predictably, made the game run like shit.

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Oct 14, 2013
Remember Me, the earlier game from Life is Strange devs DONTNOD. It has:
  • Gorgeous art design. The Mid-Paris levels are especially pretty.
  • Interesting and immersive cyberpunk setting (and I really dig those).
  • A pretty nice story (at first sight).
And then you look closely and what do you get?
  • Absolutely atrocious controls, on both keyboard+mouse and gamepad. In fact, to get through the "mess with someone else's memories" scenes, I had to use KB+mouse and gamepad simultaneously!
  • You can customise your attack combos, which is required to defeat certain classes of enemies - personally I think this is a stupid, annoying gimmick. The game would be better off without it.
  • As an additional fuck you, the camera is awful as sin - it's located way too close to the main character and can't be rotated properly like in all other third person action games. Also, in certain areas, it's locked to certain angles, which is tolerable during peaceful exploration scenes... until you have to fight enemies.
  • This is an artsy game pretending to be a movie, so the cutscenes played in-between the levels are very long. If you die in the very beginning of a level due to stupid controls (the disorienting Leaper fight in the first level is especially bad), you'll have to watch the same 10 minutes of Frenglish dialogues again. Oh, and these cutscenes can't be skipped. At all.
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Commander Keen

Mar 13, 2016
Battle Brothers. I adore the game, but actually playing it pisses me off to no end. The tactical battles are hard to navigate, since its hex-based with little figures of your doods. That means it’s supremely easy to misclick and send your dood somewhere you don’t want him to go. Couple that with the fact you’re limited to only a dozen mercs and the enemy can have as many as 50 units if you get unlucky and you’re boned.

Weapon and armor selection is also supremely limited and it is clear that a lot of weapons are trash and you shouldn’t use them unless you get a “named” weapon that rolled great stats. After your mercenaries advance past level 7 or 8, you’ll probably stop using one-handed weapons period unless you get drunk and decide to play and allow the enemy to get close to your ranged combatants (of which you should never have more than three and even that is pushing it).

I guess I like this style of game, but I always get frustrated when I’m limited too much. Which is all the time, since only small outfits make these type of games.

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Jul 28, 2018
I'm going to go with For Honor, I love the detail in the character design, the combat feels visceral, you can even feel the weight of the weapons, especially the Highlander's claymore. The controls are pretty intuitive, at least to me.

But good God the fucking community is just a huge turn off for me, it's gotten to the point that when I do play at this point, which is only to check my rewards at the end of each season, I only do bot matches for about half an hour and then walk away.

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Sep 3, 2018
I spend a lot of time playing a particularly niche genre of games which I'm not going to go into here (I have some shame). Play lots of other genres too, but 2 games I really love and hate in equal measure:

Elite Dangerous - fuck yeah, exploring the Milky Way, dogfights, getting your silly e-handle listed beside systems. The downside is I only seldom dive in, but when I do I binge until I'm sick of it. It never does enough to keep me playing regularly, but I love to dive in from time to time, like a mistress.

Anything by Paradox - Nothing I can critique technically, but when I decide to play for an hour on Monday evening and suddenly it's 8am Tuesday morning I begin to hate it.

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Dec 9, 2015
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. When it's good, like with the lore and Quadraxis, it can be pretty fucking good. But when it's bad, like the Spider Guardian and Chykka (or hell, Torvus Bog in general), it gets bad.

It's not the worst Metroid game, Other M and Federation Force take that "honor", but it's an inconsistent game.


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Jul 13, 2015
GTA Online.
One minute you are having fun in a vehicular sandbox. The next you are pissed at the in game economy, because you try to get away from grinding the 2x game of the week but your friend is too ADHD to run a damn business and has to buy more shark cards.


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Sep 10, 2016
Final Fantasy XI back when I played it.

It had an amazing story and an interesting job system. The graphics were incredible for its time and even still hold up today. I remember it fondly since it was my very first MMORPG so the concept of playing in a massive world with other people was shiny and new. I played for over a decade and had several jobs maxed out.

Too bad it was marred by the worst aspects of old school mmos. Level grinding the same blue crabs over and over with a bunch of people you never even talk too, RNG, cheap artificial difficulty that exists solely to keep people subbed, shitty economy, etc. Everything was needlessly complicated and obtuse. I don't expect to have my hand held in a game but XI seemed to really go out of it's way to make everything as user unfriendly as possible. Not to mention one of the worst UIs I have ever seen in a video game, as well as the awful Playonline client they used.

Then there was the huge friction between the Japanese and Western players, with the former often refusing to group up with the latter. Many weebs would worship and defend the Japanese players. There were also many weebs who would only group up with Japanese players hoping to get in with the "cool crowd." Most of them were terrible players who took advantage of the language barrier so they can ignore the fact that they were being shit talked in a different language.

Speaking of Japanese players the developers almost always ignored the English fan base. They handled the game horribly in general, failing to deliver on promises and taking years to listen to player concerns. The expansion packs were hollow shells that were extremely incomplete on release. They would only give players the first 2-3 quests and slowly drip feed the rest of content through monthly updates. One expansion pack took three years to finish the story line and game play that should have been there at the start.

The sad part is that people still defend XI to this day and have nostalgia goggles over it. I get that there is an appeal to old school MMORPGs and it was extremely rewarding to achieve a goal in spite of the difficulty but that doesn't change the fact that most of them were shit. We only put up with the awful aspects of these games because there was nothing better at the time and the concept was still new. What makes me laugh is that most of the people who go on about the "golden era" of old school mmorpg gameplay were the same ones who bitched about it back in the day.


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Jul 27, 2018
Zombies ate the neighbors.
Fun af but can piss you off pretty quick


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Oct 4, 2018
There's always 2 picks that come to mind when I think about this.

First off Prototype 1&2 both hold a special place because the first game albeit a handful of issues was an awesome game because it had such a fun set of powers and shit to mess around in the open world with. The second game basically copy and pasting the entire first game with very minor inprovements, turning the story into a bigger and stinkier pile of dogshit then it was in the first game and also ruining the PC from the first game by turning him into a saturday morning villain. Also sucks that the devs had to drop the coop that was announced in the first game and never even considered it for the second game.

The second one is a doozy which is Brink. Ho boy, just remembering all the hype and excitement I had and then preordering it and playing it for the first time. It was the game that not only made me quit buying new games for years but its also why I sold my 360 and quit playing on console altogether. And yet as much as I hate it I still love the art style, the character and weapon customization along with the music. The music especially I still listen to on repeat these days, still one of the better underrated osts especially for character creation.

Mar 12, 2013
But it's the most frustrating fucking game when you're playing with a team of incompetents and/or children. You can't even yell at them over mic to stop sucking dick.
This applies to the first game as well. I have my suspicions a lot of the really bad players aren't kids but the tumblr crowd that doesn't try and then goes to tumblr/social media in general to bitch about toxic cishet transphobic dudebros telling them to git gud. I had much better results during evenings and nights when it was mainly Japanese players awake. I miss original Splatoon, but not the bad days where I couldn't find a single team whose asses I didn't have to carry through an entire match.