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This is a thread for games you gave an honest attempt at, but just couldn't take anymore.

To start, I gave Persona 4 a good 6 hours and realized that while I couldn't stand a lot of the smaller points. I hated the fact that only the protagonist could swap personas and that if the protagonist fell in battle it was an instant game over. Also the fact that it was one of those JRPGs where bosses were immune to most status effects infuriated me.

I also gave up on Final Fantasy 12 because I realized I wasn't doing shit but letting the game play itself at 4X speed.

I guess I'm not a weeb.

Superman 64 when I was about 6 or 7, I don't remember exactly. Funnily enough, that video game taught my naive little mind that officially licensed products made and sold by adults could in fact suck and that just because you ended up in charge of something doesn't mean your good at it. It ended up being the only game I returned to Blockbuster.

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I don't really drop games out of anger or frustration, I usually just get bored of them or stop caring. I have a weird habit of dropping games mid to late game.

I made it to the final area of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and just stopped.
I also dropped Fallout 4 near the end.
Pokemon Black 2 I ended up dropping for being fucking boring. It's also the only mainline Pokemon game I've never finished.
I died during the final boss of Rogue Galaxy and just stopped. Aside from the crafting I really didn't like the story so I just had no reason to go on.
I stopped Dragon's Dogma after about 7 hours from boredom.

There's probably 6 or 7 others I could talk about but they slip my mind at the moment.

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Ben 10: Rise of Hex. It was being delisted on Xbox Live and was temporarily free for a bit, so I snagged it. I played like 20 minutes of it, hated it and deleted it.

Just gave up on Mario Kart Tour. I was having fun then the point requirement for stars got too high, the AI started cheating too much, tourneys are bullshit, some of the gift rewards being locked behind monthly paywall and that fucking pipe kept giving fucking Shyguys and baby characters.


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Tons of games. I only finish maybe 20% of the games I sincerely sit down and try to play.

I also gave up on Persona 4, I just couldn't stand the characters, especially Chie. I heard the game wasn't all that anime, but it's way too anime for me. I quit around when Kanji was introduced.

Got near the end of Pokemon Pearl and just quit from boredom. I think I even made it to Victory Road and I just flat out stopped caring. I fell out of the series after that.

Plague Road was just horrific with how much grinding you had to do, and the game seemed like the ending would be a huge disappointment.

I still need to get through Startropics 2 someday, but that game is way too hard for its own good. I couldn't even get close to beating #1 without save states, and if I really sat down and tried to beat it on console, it would have taken me at least 6 months if I played almost daily, just judging by how many times I had to save/load state.

I couldn't beat the very last song in Guitar Hero 3 on Hard or Rock Band on Expert Guitar, so I never completed those (but I unlocked all the songs anyway so who gives a shit)

Fallout 4. Couldn't stand it for some reason. Loved 3 and New Vegas but I've tried 4 multiple times and always give up after a few hours.
You didn't miss much. Fallout 4 has a whole thing where you meet up with a few different factions and have to side with one of them to destroy the others near the end, and I went with The Institute, who were so clearly designed to be the bad guys. The whole way leading up to the ending, the game kept going like "are you S-U-R-E you wanna join The Institute" in various ways, and the ending was just rushed and crappy.

Monopoly. I keep getting stuck on the corner by the jail. It's either landing on the hotel, or getting sent to the slammer. Either way I'm poor and mortgaged to hell and back.
Fuck NES Monopoly's computers. It's a good version as far as vidya monopoly goes, but the computers in that are assholes to the nth degree.

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Simpsons Hit & Run - was great fun at the time, but the final level was so insanely hard I never beat it.
That's funny. I never remember having trouble with the final level, just that fucking cruel timed mission in Bart's second level.

For my part: Dragon Age: Origins. After 25 - 30 hours my motivation to play just bled out because the combat sucks even on normal difficulty and you basically just have to win by attrition.


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not a game but an expansion, been playing WoW for years, i basically stop playing and then pick it up with each new expansion and play the campaign of both sides before quitting again but with this latest expansion Battle For Azeroth i was just bored out of my mind. finished the horde story but couldn't bring myself to even finish the starting zone of the alliance. they've just sucked the soul out of that game.

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Final Fantasy X-2, trying to 100% that shit means watching every cutscene and and only advancing dialogue when the voice lines end. Not to mention a whole other bunch of shit. I tried finishing that game 3 times and each time it just wouldn't work. Not only that the only way to get the best ending is to 100% the game so i eventually gave up becuase of how shitty the 100% progression was.
I can recall quitting Final Fantasy 12 becuase it eventually got boring and quitting Lightning Returns due to the shitty Majoras Mask like time mechanics and a bug that preventing me from continuing the game.
Edit: here’s some more games
Red Dead 2 - i bought because back then /v/ was non stop praising this game only yo find it to be boring
I’ve never finished a Yakuza game except for kiwami 2 and 6 because of how repetitive the side missions are and how annoying it is to constantly get encounters but i still try to beat it
Final fantasy IXs mooglenet was a pain and I always miss the one in the tree village that gets raided which causes me to always restart and try again
Arkham knights car mechanics were a huge turnoff for me and most open world games feel boring in my opinion
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Everyone said to do Van Naboris last but didn't say why. I learned why, and it got so frustrating I just stopped playing. Fucking red-spandex-wearing weebs...

Persona 3, 4, and 5. I just get really bored between times where I can crawl the dungeons to the point I can't finish them.

Kid Icarus Uprising. Not because the game is bad, but because the control scheme kills my hands.

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I love Luigi's Mansion.

Luigi's Mansion 2 was a pile of dog shit. I gave it so many chances and it was nothing at all compared to the first game. They completely botched the controls and the nature of the game's environment. There was no giant mansion to freely explore! I thought the art direction and visuals were excellent.

Luigi's Mansion 3 looks better. But I'm really fucking worried it's not going to deliver.

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Many years ago, I gave up on Final Fantasy 13 at about 2 hours in because you're effectively in a giant tube going forward. It seemed really easy too - combat pretty much played itself, so I wrote it off. So for many years I have been shitting on this game online, saying "you could beat this game with a rock and duct tape" - and then I come across posters who are like "wow, Final Fantasy 13 has an amazing gameplay. It's too bad about the 15 hour tutorial." I might be outing myself as a retard because after months of going back and forth on the internet with these dudes, I finally decided to sit down and power through this shitty fucking game.

My findings:

a) The tutorial really takes 20 hours to complete. I count the end of the tutorial as "hitting the place with the open area so you can actually turn left or right rather than going straight forward. Oh, and you can change your party members now."

b) In the battle system, I was wrong to say you can play it by holding down the A button. You definitely have to press L1 to switch paradigms a fuck ton, and there's also a bunch of fucking with menus to make sure you have the right equipment and skills leveled. There actually is a town and NPCs to talk to 15 hours in, and you will have to press directions other than up to beat the first boss.

c) The story and voice acting is worse and even more retarded than I initially believed. The only saving grace to the game is that REALLY BAD things happen to everyone in the party as the game goes on, and I really enjoyed watching their misery.

c) I actually got bored of the game 25 hours in and stopped playing. It's fucking boring. The paradigm system sucks - it's just the least bad part of the game.

Fuck that game.