Games you gave up on. -


Speaking of Persona, distinctly remember quitting the first one some time ago because the story was a bunch of vapid bullshit. Simply could not bring myself to play anymore. At least there wasn't any dating crap

Orange Rhymer
still have that one on the list to check out at some point, what's so bad about it?
Cartoony graphics, no real 'making' - just a blueprint unlock and *poof*, open-world survival but you still need to deliver a+b to destination c (missions), etc..
You can clearly see where the game expanded well beyond it's control, and broke itself- later to cripple the features it expanded.
The pipe and tether mechanic is stupid, and is placed clearly to retard your progress (b/c the worlds are so small).
You literally spend 95% of the game to get tech so you can stop throwing pipes and tethers everywhere.
There is more. You can play it, just don't pay for it.