Games You Like But Everyone Else Hates

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Johnny Bravo

Sep 9, 2013
Arcade was awesome. Hell, pretty much all the follower characters were awesome in their own way.

But wait, I thought gay males were on par with straight white men in terms of "mah privilege" now with those guys? If anything I'd imagine Veronica would be the Fallout darling on there due to her being a lesbo.

It depends on what part of Tumblr you visit, some being more toxic than others. New Vegas also has two lesbian followers, one of them as part of the DLC, plus a Hispanic ghoul. There are also quite a few queer NPCs that you can find with the romance perks.

GZ 004

This one


I played through the whole thing and I didn't see what was so bad about it aside from the main character.


What'll it be, boys?
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Jun 29, 2016
Dead Rising 4 gets way too much hate. I really enjoyed it mostly. Also I think Batman Arkham Knight is about as good as Arkham City. Maybe slightly worse but still solid.

I'll always admire Arkham Knight for having the huevos to put a reasonably accurate rendition of Professor Pyg in the game. The fact that he was voiced by Reginald Barclay made it even better.


Strike the earth
Aug 24, 2017
Metal Gear Solid V. Almost twenty years on, and people don't know that Kojima loves to betray his audience. There's a great deal of subtext and it's internally consistent. I still find it staggering that people who can talk about the subtext of the series at length, but can't grasp what made MGSV what it was.

Taily Puff

Ready to Begin
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Jun 15, 2014

Yes. I don't know a single person in real life that liked Quest 64 but I used to play it non-stop.
Honorable mention goes to the first smash bros game. The kids in my neighborhood were all weirdly spikey about Nintendo versus PlayStation, and when I first started playing it everyone I knew hated it for not being serious and gritty.
Eventually the general consensus of reality overwhelmed their resistance and they wound up liking it like everyone else in the world, but for a few weeks I was known as the weirdo paying the stupid fighting game for little kids.

I also really liked shadowrun on the snes, but I've never heard anyone speak fondly of it. The controls were clunky, the setting is weird and offputting to newcomers, it had a few frustrating "whoops you didn't grind enough and now you're getting btfo, start a new game" moments... But it'll always have a special spot in my memories.

Also I dunno if people really HATED this, but I always thought kid chameleon was under rated. I'd really love to see a modern third person remake of it.


What'll it be, boys?
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Jun 29, 2016
Lester the Unlikely. I'm not saying it's not a very frustrating game with some questionable design choices, but I like the central protagonist so much it keeps me entertained. When Lester *does* manage to overcome an obstacle, it's like experiencing the entirety of the movie Rudy, condensed into a single moment of victory.


Robot Combiner Dinosaur Space Pope
Jul 12, 2017
Lester the Unlikely. I'm not saying it's not a very frustrating game with some questionable design choices, but I like the central protagonist so much it keeps me entertained. When Lester *does* manage to overcome an obstacle, it's like experiencing the entirety of the movie Rudy, condensed into a single moment of victory.
That game was pretty rad. It was hilarious how he would just run away from things and you couldn't control him and that ninny kick.

The handsome tard

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Aug 11, 2019
Borderlands the pre-sequel (I honestly think people expected too much, I do give it credit its not B2 all over again on Pandora. It did give an insight on Handsome Jack's rise and show that maybe he was not always the monster he was in 2, or at least he bothered to hide much better).

Arkham Origin (Okay, I get it, people wanted Arkham Asylum 3 but it felt nice to have some lore on this version of batman and see someone else voicing Bruce and Mistah J. Besides,I honestly think this game had the best version of Bane, both in design, personality and treatment by making him a legit threat and not a handwaved boss at most or a small appearance at least. I do admit the plot is the weakest and overall it feel just like a Batman story that doesnt add to the narrative of the first two games but hey, Im one for more Batman always...oh and the easter eggs were still awesome. Not my favorite but I think people really should try to see the pros of Origins a lot more)

Bioshock 2 (I really think this game is another victim of hype. Is this the masterpiece that the first one was? No. Is it a bad game? Far from it. Delta is an awesome character to play as, you FEEL the power of a big daddy...drilling people is one of the most satisfying things ever and you will be lying to yourself if you say it isnt. While the story didnt pull too many twists like 1, it still had an enjoyable story that did continue the story of Rapture and did made me wonder what would happen to it after it...which never happened since they went with generic old Columbia. Yeah, Infinite is my least favorite, sue me, Bioshock 2 is still the superior game in terms of gameplay)

Sir Wesley Tailpipe
Jun 19, 2019
Yakuza: Dead Souls, a game reviled by fans of the series for being silly, non-cannon and not playing like the rest (also for killing the series in the west for years due to SEGA being assholes!), and by non-fans for having stiff, awkward controls and being borderline unapproachable.

Maybe it was partially because I got it for $10 out of a bargain bin, maybe it’s because it had a localization much better than 3 and 4 were given, maybe I’m just not right in the head, but I put the time into coming to grips with the quirks of the controls and found some exploits to make the game more bearable, but I enjoyed it. Under the weird gameplay, the game had some great writing and was a fun, tongue-in-cheek romp. Also, prior to 0 coming out, it was the first playable appearance of Majima and he has a lot of hilarious dialog. His reaction to the outbreak, his plans to secure a safe haven and especially his dialog options at the hostess bars are all gold.


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Sep 3, 2014
Castlevania: Judgement, the fighting game on the Wii. The character designs are terrible and some of the portrayals questionable, but I've spent a lot of hours on that game. Must have some sort of B-movie schlock appeal for me or something. I'm also way too amused by spamming Dracula's teleport move and making him say, "Where are you lookingwhere are you lookingwhere are you lookingwhere are you looking..."

Neet Tokusatsu Hero

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Jul 23, 2018
Serious Sam 2, it seems to be the black sheep of the series for being a lot more cartoony and childish compared to the rest, but still, i like it a lot, it has some nice weapons, the autoshotgun, the grenades, the freaking parrots, and probably has the best level variety in the series, with each world looking different from the rest, instead of just desert and runs during the whole game

Aug 3, 2019
The first Prince of Persia for the Gamecube. I hated it when they made him all Goth in the second game.

Dom Cruise

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Jun 18, 2019
The Order: 1886

Yes, the game needed more actual gameplay, there's room for improvement, but what was there was great, the shooting had good weight to it, the crazy alternate history weaponry was fun to use, yes there wasn't enough of it but it was still very good.

And the game's world is one of the coolest ever conceived, I loved how it wasn't the typical steampunk motif, it wasn't really technically steampunk at all, just the Victorian era with electricity, it felt like a very realistic take on the same basic idea of "steampunk" and that was very clever and cool.

And it wasn't as short as people thought, yes maybe it was possible to beat the game quickly, if you rushed through and never stopped to soak up the atmosphere, in which case you're missing the point entirely.

It took me 4 nights to beat, which I'd say is average length, the original Uncharted by contrast when I replayed it earlier this year took me only 3 nights to play and The Order is a far, far better game than Uncharted 1 was, so what gives? Why did Uncharted get a pass but people were so harsh towards The Order?

That unfair negativity potentially sunk what could have been a stellar franchise, after all, look at the huge gap between Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2, I believe an Order 2 would have the potential to be as amazing as Uncharted 2 was.

I think everyone owes it to themselves to give a game a try and I really hope Sony will see fit to green light an Order 2, as there's still an insane amount of potential (I can only assume an Order 2 on the PS5 will basically look photo realistic as there's already moments in The Order where the game looks eerily real.