Games you love but nobody else knows about. - Any games that you've played and like, but never heard any online discussion or met anyone who's played it?


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Jul 12, 2020
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, a fantasy 2D RTS with some neat features for its time:

You start off fighting bug people in some shithole forest, but the first proper town you find, a fella pops out with "Greetings, fellow Cohen!", reminisces how he hasn't seen another Cohen for centuries now and that "you need to restore our people to our former glory" by collecting these immensely valuable Cohen amulets.
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Jun 25, 2013
I played a ton of this game, Tiny Tank, when I was younger, was one of my favorites. I think it has a lot of charm to it, I have never seen much of anyone talk about or even know about it lol

I seem to recall that there's a mechanic where after every level, if you die at any point, you get an additional cutscene celebrating Tiny Tank being rebuilt or something like that.

Also the Invincibility power up in the game was a black desperado cowboy hat. I remember as a little kid that looked awesome.


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May 21, 2020
I wish more people had played Alpha Protocol.
I was just about to post about this game when I saw this.

I found Alpha Protocol at a used game store for $7 and started a new game last night. I had it many moons ago but a lot of my stuff got sold after what I'll call a year long business trip. This game is a forgotten classic and the fact that it was made by Obsidian adds a quality seal. This was long before the snoozefest that was Outerworlds when Obsidian made great RPGs. It is a fantastic RPG with a great level-up system with not many useless skill trees, besides martial arts. If you use martial arts as a primary skill in that game you are a masochist. I might do it on a follow up run.

The story is great and the choices you make feel like they actually matter. The gunplay could be better but its an RPG first, not a 3rd person cover shooter. Sort of like Vampire the masquerade, it is an FPS but that combat isn't great. I think the main reason it flopped was timing. It released mid-life cycle of the PS3 and XBox 360. The games that were popular at the time were COD and multiplayer military shooters. I think that's what buyers and reviewers were expecting. What the got was a deep engaging single player RPG with janky shooting. Iin my opinion, timing is what doomed this classic to the status of forgotten gem.

Long story short, buying this fucking game. It is teh 0wnz!!!111!!!111


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Mar 7, 2020
Well, shit, i can only say details of it but it's a PS2 game, it was like a GTA clone but you were sort of like a cop in disguise or something and the game had a 80's aesthetic, the only memory i have of it is when i was racing and accidentally shot like a drive by, which prompted a mission fail with the racer saying "what the fuck?" and gave me a wanted level, the music that was playing during that moment was a famous nigger soul music that i can barely remember the lyrics, splash stream or something.
fuck it sucks not being able to remember more of it because it was such a fucking nice game and searching for "80's GTA clone ps2" doesn't give much results and i checked the damn videos, none are like that game.

And i don't know if it fits here but i wish to nominate the Evochron/Arvoch Games from starwraith, it's nifty as fuck and after playing ED for 2 hours, i literally ditched it to go back to Evochron because flying in this fucking shit is really nice, i can't quite put it but flying around a cruiser with inertia on to use countermeasures because of the low heat signature while throwing missiles at it and telling your AI crew to gang up and join the rape party has a charm to this game, building stations, deploying miner drones on planets or hugeass asteroids and using a landwalker on planets it's just the cherry top on of this ugly-looking but delicious vanilla cake.
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i checked some discussions about it and leddit/gaming communities are just like "sure, whatever".

Kind of like fullspectrum warrior you know? they just don't care about giving a chance to these games and trust me when i first played FSW i thought it was shit, then after doing my last stand on the ten hammers expasion i was wondering why there is a lack of such games because that shit immersed me with the nice pacing it has, you think you are reaching places with muttsoldiers but it's more about the fuck-ups on the missions that you have to unfuck and get the team to safety, i remember restarting a mission 5 times to not case evac because i felt that i would miss the heavy machine gunner on the following mission,
its called driver parallel lines

Nov 8, 2021
In Torment: The Case of the Drawing Girl

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This is a free indie point-and-click PC game that I highly recommend to anyone. It's impressive, and to this day I haven't even gotten the "true" ending because it's surprisingly difficult to find. There is NO guide on the internet.

You are a detective investigating a case (which varies in intensity based on your preference) wherein your only witness is an artist who isn't willing to talk. In the game, you uncover clues through a world made up of this girl's artwork. It's unsettling, vibrant, and creative. The music can be skin-crawlingly creepy too, as well as sweet and soothing. The website you download it from is recently defunct (fucking sad). If anyone's interested but you can't find the download anywhere, PM me and I can send you a .rar file.

Edit: Just now, I've gotten the true ending of the game. I hadn't touched it in a long time and I've finally gotten it on an old save, after playing it for literal years. Haha. This was one of my rarted life goals. Maybe I should be the one to make a walkthrough... Now I just have to get the best ending of Façade, which I've failed out countless times.
Do you have a link to this? All I can find is a shady Russian site.


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Dec 29, 2020
Do you have a link to this? All I can find is a shady Russian site.

It'll have to be unzipped/extracted and you may be prompted to download some sort of framework once you run the game. After that, it should run fine. I've uploaded a Mega file. Unfortunately, it's only the Windows version. It should be working, but please let me know if there's anything wrong with it.

Here you go.

Like I said, this game is cinches from being lost media, so I want to preserve it as best as I can.
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Nov 17, 2020
Big Head Bash and Offensive Combat, for F2P garbage, were extremely unique in design and gameplay. There are no decent screenshots to show them off or videos really, since they died without much exposure, but in a nicer world, they probably would've become classics, especially Offensive Combat, which was set on being as retarded and edgy as possible. It makes me wonder what direction F2P games could have taken if they hadn't stuck to ArmorGames/Kongregate.

Also Ballistic:Overkill saw the light of day. It apparently died a few months ago but it's still on Steam.

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Aug 29, 2018
You start off fighting bug people in some shithole forest, but the first proper town you find, a fella pops out with "Greetings, fellow Cohen!", reminisces how he hasn't seen another Cohen for centuries now and that "you need to restore our people to our former glory" by collecting these immensely valuable Cohen amulets.
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Kohan was seriously one of the best RTS games around at the time and I'm sad that it didn't get more attention. Setting up cavalry charges was awesome.

Oct 27, 2020
Rune(aka Rune Halls of Valhalla). It is a third person hack n slash game that plays like an arena shooter. The combat and movement are super satisfying and feel refreshing even today. Campaign is simple and fun but multiplayer was where it really shined, it was fairly common in LAN gaming joints where I'm from. There is probably nothing like it and never will be. There was a cash grab "sequel" recently that sucked really bad and has nothing to do with the original game.


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Jun 28, 2021
I rarely see people mention Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA) even in dedicated TRPG discussions. It's always Final Fantasy Tactics (classic), Disgaea (trash), and XCOM (a less intuitive version of RTC with a shitty story bogged down by base management, and, I think, no multiplayer).

It seems to have been fairly well received, but I guess it's forgotten & overlooked, and a bit underrated too.

Jan 30, 2021
Long shot, but does anyone remember a multiplayer flash game on one of those flash game sites where you played as a brightly colored tank from a top down perspective? They sort of promoted it as one of their "house games"...

You played alone, but you were part of a team based on what color your tank was. Other players would be on other teams. I believed you moved by clicking on the map, and it was sort of an interconnected world made up of different screens. There was some lag between when you'd click and when your action would happen. You'd drive around looking for repair kits and power ups and when you killed another tank, I think you'd get more powerful?

I have been looking for this forever, but I can't find anything on it. This would have been late 90s/early 2000s.

Nov 1, 2020
For me its Spartan Total Warrior
The game is basically about the invasion of greece by the romans from a spartan pov.You play as you guessed it,"Spartan" as u embark on a quest to save greece from the romans and fight with all kinds of ppl.It was pretty much a button masher but a great button masher.You gained weapons as the game went on and you could choose to invest in health/damage/magic.Also had an arena mode where u went through waves of enemies and an extra section.It aint gold but it holds a special place for me along with the sonic games collection

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Dec 9, 2017
In the early 2000s, I spent so much time playing Infantry Online. I would probably give it a whirl today if it was still around. So much fun despite being a broken mess totally marred by cheaters. I think they had a more popular space game which was basically the same thing, except with spaceships, called either Continuum, Subspace, or something else.

Well, while writing this and looking for a video of the gameplay to post, I came across a website that has apparently brought the game back. I don’t know how well it has aged. It was a janky 2d top-down shooter back then, and I doubt the formula improved any.


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Jan 30, 2021
Gundam Side Story 0079, Rise From the Ashes for the Dreamcast

Kind of like a tactical mech action game. You had 2 AI team mates you could order around via waypoints, and had different objectives on each map. Could even do beam saber combat.

I've never heard anyone talk about this game. You could probably say that about a lot of DC games though.